Tuesday, January 20, 2015

zoodles of fun.

100% credit given to lee for the title of this post. to say i am zoodle obsessed is an understatement! we went to bed, bath, and beyond for bedding, couldn't find a thing, and left with this spirooli spiral slicer. best $24.99 i have ever spent so far this year.

i had been dying to try this food trend mainly because i love pasta dishes, but i always feel like i've over eaten after. this one comes with three different blades for thinner or thicker cuts - think zucchini noodles up to curly sweet potato fries. 

you just have to place the zucchini on the machine, and turn the knob while moving the zucchini closer on the slider. here's how i made my zoodles last night.

1. use the spirooli tool to spiralize half of a zucchini. be mindful that this does cook down some. next time i make these, i will cut the zucchini noodles in half for easier twirling. 
2. i roasted some broccoli in garlic salt & siracha for about 20 minutes on 400 degrees & also baked some chicken for protein.
3. to cook the zoodles: place them in a pan with a table spoon of evoo and using tongs, stir them around for about 3-4 minutes on medium high heat. do not overcook as these will become mushy. 
4. toss in a light alfredo!

i am so anxious to try out new recipes and even have a hand at making an avocado pesto as a sauce! although i love zucchini so much, i probably could eat these plain. i kid you not, i'm making this for lunch today. 

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