Friday, February 20, 2015

i honestly still don't know how this story happened.

there are no pretty pictures on this post. and you'll eventually find out why. 

today's friday five are all bundled up into one story because there a 5 plus 800 more reasons i am so thankful that we don't have any more snow. are you ready for this one?

so when it snows in charlotte, the city is a ghost town. so because of that, i was working at home on wednesday as we were projected to get snow flakes in the afternoon. so as the snow began to fall around 3:45pm, i grabbed my coat to place over my super chill outfit for the day (aka sweatpants) and went out on our back deck. the previous few days we had mostly gotten ice, so it was nice to see the snow. 

or so i thought.

a big gust of wind came barrelling down and slammed shut my back patio door. i walked back over to the door, shook the knob, and .... locked. no wait, i just came OUT of this door, how is it locked?! my mind starts racing about someone being in my house, but then i realize the door handle was locked - not the deadbolt. 


meanwhile it's still snowing, our gate on the back deck is frozen shut, the front door to the house is locked as well. the only other solution was using our passcode to get into the garage because the door from the garage into the house we usually don't lock because...of the garage. obviously.

i get the garage door open & run towards the side door. wiggle the handle. freakin' locked. are you kidding me! then my mind flashed to that morning when i kissed lee goodbye as he exited out of the garage door and i shut the door, and swiped the lock out of habit. 

i feel my jacket and i had my phone! totally forgot i had my phone. i call lee immediately telling him he's gotta come home because i'm freezing and still have work to do inside for my own job... only to find out he's like over an hour away from the house on a call & still has two more appointments for the afternoon. lee's brother offered to come get me however, but i knew i needed to get inside asap to attend to my emails. my phone then dies, as it was on 5% when i made the call, so i was stranded. i couldn't even take pictures of the pretty snow falling, but at that point that was the least of my worries.

have you ever heard the phrase s-o-l? i was s-o-l to the 3rd power. so i went to the front porch, sat on the rocking chair and watched the snow fall. three little boys across the street were playing in their driveway taking off their coat saying it's not even that cold! i rolled my eyes. then they started joking about getting completely undressed to prove that it "wasn't that cold" until they spotted me. no we can't! there's a person watching us, the freaked out and said. i'm just locked out!  i screamed. but the 8 year olds took off running behind their house like i was some crazy person. 

at the time i felt like i was. 

so i went back to my car and started digging around in the glove compartment. i found a flashlight, a paper clip, and an old VIP pass to a j cole concert from like a year ago. holla for not cleaning out my console! so i went to the back deck door & used the flashlight to peep into the lock, twisted up the paperclip and slammed it into the lock hole and tried to use the VIP pass to pop the lock.

no such luck after 15 minutes of trying. it wasn't even moving.

at this point, i'm frustrated. i'm freezing. and i'm practically crying because i know i am probably building up 80 emails per minute for work. 

i go to back to my car and look in my glove compartment. i find an old iphone charger that i didn't even know existed! thank you Lord for that one. i plug my phone in and i was determined to get in that house. 

i look in another compartment in my car and find an old gift card for a wine store i had used months ago which was less flimsy as the VIP pass. i take it back to the door, shove the paperclip into the lock and jolt the card down and .... 'i'm telling you the angels started singing. 

the lock pops open, i walk inside to the heat, and i swear everything turned fuzzy like i was imagining this. but no, i had broken into my own house. 

i called lee, told him the story, and after over an hour of being stuck outside, i finally was in. 

and now just realized that we totally need a new lock for the back door.
 because if i can do it.....
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