Thursday, February 26, 2015

spicy black bean soup.

i've made a lot of things in the ninja so far, but this one is probably the best. who knew you could make soup in a blender? i mean it you really stop and think about it, it's pretty obvious right? right. 

when i started putting together all the veggies, lee was like mmm, that smells good! is it almost done? i said nope, needs to go in the blender. 

the blender?? he said.

see. i'm not the only one. it's so filling by itself too. i made it and had a bowl & could barely eat the rest of dinner. you have got to try this!

what you'll need:
two cans of black beans
1 medium carrot; chopped
1 whole onion; chopped
1 can of rotel
chicken broth
garlic powder
smoked paprika
olive olil
red pepper flakes

what you'll do:
start by cooking the onions and carrots in a little olive oil until tender. add in your black beans (drained), rotel (drained), and enough chicken broth to make sure it can come to a boil.

i know it's not specific. sorry, but that's pretty much what i did. 

bring to a boil for about ten minutes. throw in your spices and cilantro about halfway through. 

take the your ninja & ninja it to death.

boom! spicy black bean soup topped with a small spoonful of greek yogurt & a sprinkle of cheese. trust me on the greek yogurt thing. when mixed with this, it resembles sour cream except way less calories. i hope you love it as much as i do. 

ever since i got this as a valentine's day present, i've used it ever since. another favorite? breakfast smoothies with fruit & spinach. i've recently learned to love almond milk and a spoonful of greek yogurt to make a it a little more creamy. 

what do you make in your ninja?
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