Friday, February 27, 2015

the snow was for real this time. sorta.

well in case any one was concerned, north carolina did get some significant snow this time. hence why i didn't feel like doing a weekend recap of last weekend, even though it was a fun one. we headed up to raleigh to stay with taylor & dustin. took on some craft beers on saturday, some games at the restaurant, and made an awesome rice cilantro ground turkey bowls for dinner - which i'm going to try & recreate soon. 

we went out on the town saturday in raleigh and didn't take one decent picture. oops. 

told ya we had some snow! although this picture makes it look like i could sip my smoothie all day and watch the snow, it was actually too dang cold to stand out there! but it made a great picture. my smoothie lately has been 1/2 cup of strawberries, 1/2 cup of blueberries (or blackberries), 1 spoonful of greek yogurt, almond milk & ice. it's so good & there's no added sugar. subbing half of a banana for some of the fruit is a good idea too.

did y'all catch my spicy black bean soup earlier in the week? if not, click that handy little link right there & go blend away in your nearest blender. i've eaten it for dinner the other night, lunch yesterday, and probably will again today for lunch. judge me. but it's that good.

oh - and add red pepper flakes. totally forgot that on the blog post. maybe i should go update...

i love our breakfast nook area. i actually scored this high top dark wood table from craigslist of all places! the tray is from target & i love the contrast of the dark table with the light floors & tray. 

we're making progress on the house, but there soooo much more to do. i finally did order a new rug (at 75% off!) from rugs usa. pictures coming soon.

anyway, like north carolina does, it's supposed to be in the 60's early next week, so i think we're headed straight into spring mode. i am so ready! i'm excited to take on wedding dress shopping number 2 with allyson tomorrow - hoping she says yes to the dress! 

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