Friday, February 13, 2015

the time i blogged 5 days in a row.

well whoa, look who it is blogging every day this week. i know, i don't recognize her either. maybe i just have a lot to talk about or extra time on my hands  ha.. no. that's never the case. 

i do have some friday love for y'all and one of them is an epic fail turned into a decent happening turned into i need to try again to make it better

every season i like to load up at h&m. for some reason they have the coolest patterns for seriously good prices. for some reason, i haven't always been the biggest floral pattern kinda girl, but i'm coming around. however this patterned top is kinda more abstract floral than anything, and um, hi - it's $17 - so it had to be mine.

and when i went to link this shirt i saw about three more things that i loved. now to get lee not to notice the shipments coming to the house....

so on a scale of 1-10, how tired are you of hearing about me talk about zoodles? i know, i am so sorry. but i'm not trying to be dramatic, but this has saved my diet. i would get so angry not having pasta and this satisfies that 100%. 

the other night i threw some onions, garlic, diced tomatoes, and basil into a pan and made my own "sauce." cooked ground turkey in a different pan. topped some zucchini noodles with the goodness and it's my best recipe to date. 

i also ate chicken "alfredo" zoodles for dinner last night.

oh, and i'm having them for lunch today.

it's a problem.

a good one.

okay, this is a HUGE one. our microwave is FINALLY working in the house. we've been here since november, but when we moved in something was wrong with whatever in the world combines with the magnets in microwaves to produce heat. we didn't want to replace the microwave, since it matched everything else in the kitchen, so we made our first homeowners insurance call. 

look at us all grown up and junk. 

lee finally had popcorn two nights ago. that's all he's been talking about. take a microwave from a man and his popcorn and it ain't a pretty sight.

i promised you a fail and a fail you will get. i was SO pumped about being all healthy and junk while making roasted garlic chickpeas & no flour, no sugar banana & oat muffins.

it turns out there is a strong difference in the recipe when you don't use baking powder. and your muffins will kinda do this bubbly-up thing and go completely flat and burn. it was a sad moment as i was about to pull my awesome, fluffy muffins out only to see them look as sad as a deflated tire. 

so i threw in more oats to the next batch, hoping that helped, and it did! they rose (a little) but have made for a decent breakfast this week. 

the chickpeas were stupid and didn't roast right. don't even get me started. i'm still kind of bitter. anybody know how to roast these things so they're at least semi crunchy? mine were a big ball of mush.

and finally, i am caught up on pretty little liars! i started binge watching this on netflix about two months ago. since then i've burned through all 4 streaming seasons netflix offered. i was bummed when i found out abc family wasn't offering online episodes from season 5 part one. luckily lee knows of a site - coke & popcorn - which is super sketchy (seriously. trust me), but somehow i got it to mirror on our big tv using apple tv and i'm finally caught up. 

i can't wait to watch live next week! 

oh, and my theory... hanna is A. has to be. no other way around it. when you find out i'm right, don't say i didn't tell you....

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