Wednesday, February 18, 2015

we had an ice day.

so basically this is why the north looks at us and chuckles. 

but regardless, i was happy with finally having my snow... or ice? basically our entire driveway and walkway was one big skating rink. it took me like ten minutes to walk from our front porch, down the icy stairs, and out into the road avoiding slipping up like 5 times to get these pictures.

what dedication right? but as quick as it came, it's now leaving us - until 3 or 4 today in which we're supposed to get more. but i'm thinking that's a joke. 

the city of charlotte shut down yesterday. schools; businesses; etc. i worked from home and lee was off completely! see what happens when you get 2 or so inches of snow/ice in the south? but i'll take it!

now that we've gotten a snow in, i'm ready for spring. bring on the warmer temps & pretty clothes please.
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