Monday, February 2, 2015

weekend talk.

yes, i am still rocking the shattered screen, 2 years ago, iphone 4. and will be until march. crazy how much the camera has improved considering in the selfie below we look like grainy wax figures. 

but a selfie was a must because as of friday, we booked our honeymoon! 7 days & nights at sandals grande antigua! we were in between antigua and st. lucia, but after doing some research, i liked the layout of antigua better. st. lucia has the option of other people from other resorts having access to the grounds and that was just a turn off for me. plus jenn at going the distance was a huge help answering any questions i had since her and her husband went here for their honeymoon. thanks jenn!

we cannot wait to depart charlotte as husband and wife to this paradise!


we kept it pretty low key friday night and woke up saturday with a full day ahead. coming with the spring months will be a ton of house projects. starting with this deck.

our back deck is huge. with an upper and lower section, and two railings for a split fence, our work is cut out for us. it needs (and has needed for a while) some tlc. any advice on deck stains? this is my first rodeo when it comes to that.

then we headed to the southpark area of charlotte to register at crate & barrel! we got "beep" happy. i asked the associate was there any way to blanket beep the entire store. everything about this place is magic. it took us over two hours to go through the store! 

we had planned on registering at target and west elm on saturday, but were to exhausted from crate and barrel. so a mexican dinner at chuy's with margarita's won that battle. this was our first time here and it won't be our last.

and saturday night, we took on the town to celebrate miss elizabeth's (in pink) birthday! she is hands down one of my favorite people, but has recently moved to florida, so it was great catching up with her! 

on sunday, i started tackling our save the date envelopes! we used minted for our save the date - i can't wait to show y'all soon, but i want to get them in the mail first. minted offers free addressing, but i wanted to try my hand at calligraphy. it could be better. it could be worse.

overall, i'm happy with the design i'm doing for them. it's different. it's "swanky" as lee likes to call it. and it's fun. for our wedding invites, i will totally get minted to do it however. i also added in a little a + l in the inner envelope. why? no clue. i just like it.

and i'm not gonna lie. i didn't give a crap about either team in the super bowl. i kept addressing our save the date cards during most of the game, but i will say the ending of the game was insane. completely nuts. 

so was this pork butt that lee smoked for over 12 hours. gah, was the smoker a gift to him or a gift to myself because of all the delciousness he makes in it? 

for now, i'm bundled up working at home today and ever so grateful because we all know the monday after the superbowl is the worst.

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