Thursday, March 19, 2015


after seeing amanda's super cute post on four, i totally wanted to do my own. here's a little more about me. 

four of my nicknames

1. mandy - when people want to try and annoy me. don't call me mandy. my name is amanda.

2. sissy - my mom still calls me this; especially when talking to my brother about me.

3. susie or "suz" - my dad calls me this more than he calls me amanda. it's the weirdest thing. people give me funny looks when i tell them, but i'm used to its whatev. from the ages of 5-16 he called me "fred" so maybe he's just a creative dude.

4. bub - that one is all lee. and i call him the same. i hardly ever hear him say hey amanda! - it's always hey bub! 

four jobs i've had

1. back when i was 16, i worked at a gym. sold memberships, babysat the kids of the adults working out, cleaned tanning beds, etc. ya know - typically sixteen year old stuff. looking back though, the owners let a sixteen year old girl open, run, and close their gym without ever checking in on me. good thing i was a good kid.

2. i sold jewelry at friedman's jewelers for a little over two years at my hometown of roxboro & then transferred to the store in greensboro, nc when i moved to college. a lady that worked there accused me of stealing one time - she was clearly mistaken. the company went bankrupt a few years ago.

3. when i was also in college, i held three jobs at the same time. crazy am i? yes. one was a blogging job for my apartment complex where i had to blog for 13 apartment complex's across the united states. because of this, my rent was only $18 a month for my two story town-home. hello hookup!

4. when i moved to charlotte, i worked at the westin charlotte hotel as a sales manager. can you tell i was into sales? two years later, i decided sales wasn't for me anymore & decided to move on to my current job that i have now and i couldn't be more happy with it.


four movies i've watched more than once

1. the notebook - i could watch this over and over and over.
2. the lion king - yep, i'm 5.
3. taken - this movie never gets old to me
4. the father of the bride (part 1 and part 2) - this is on repeat recently because.. well duh.

four things in my TB purse

1. my kate spade eyeglasses & rayban's 
2. a corkscrew - you never know when you need this to open wine
3. urban decay naked lip gloss - i SWEAR by this stuff. & never go anywhere without it.
4. receipts.

four places i've lived 
1. roxboro, nc
2. greensboro, nc
3. charlotte, nc - south park area & mint hill area
4. concord, nc - where we now own a home!

four places i've visited

1. cozumel, mexico
2. green bay, wisconsin

3. san diego, california
4. st. thomas & st. maarten! (as a blonde)

four places on my travel bucket list

1. europe. i know that's a huge one. but i want to hit like 5 places at once. 
2. bora bora
3. antigua (and will get to check this off on my honeymoon!)
4. new york city. i've never been. ...i know.

four things i don't eat

1. cheerios. this is nothing but glorified cardboard. gross.
2. corn beef hash. it just sounds disgusting
3. meatloaf. reference the reasoning behind number 2.
4. fries with ketchup. call me weird, but i love me some fries AND i love me some ketchup, but the combination together makes me cringe. 

four tv shows i watch

1. the bachelor/ette - i'm hooked and i hate it at the same time. it's the only show i like to really live tweet and will make sure my butt is planted on the couch to watch.
2. pretty little liars - after catching up to today with the previous seasons on netflix, i'm now good to go. i usually don't watch it live, but i always catch up the next day.
3. gossip girl - i realize this has been off tv for years, but again, i suck at tv shows so i could rewatch this any time (and sometimes do!) blair + chuck 4eva. 
4. diners, drive-ins, and dives - i have all shows recorded and watch this before bed. i'm obsessed.

four things to look forward to in 2015

1. hands down #1 is getting married to lee. countdown to august!
2. hands down #2 is our honeymoon. i haven't been on a week long vacation since 2011. 
3. my bachelorette party in july. 
4. continue furnishing/decorating our home

i hope this gives you a glimpse into my little life. do one of your own - these are so fun to read!

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