Tuesday, March 31, 2015

i'm lucky except when i'm playing monopoly.

honestly, i am exhausted. so exhausted i went to bed at 8:30pm last night and am just now getting to what we were up to this past weekend. see that spray paint? it's about to become my best friend as i start tackling more wedding crafts on the weekend. i have this idea of something (that's so me!) for part of our centerpieces so i got to searching around. i found someone who could do exactly what i wanted for $12 a piece. i have 14 tables. $12 x 14 is math that i can't even do right now, but i know it's way more than i want to spend on 1/3 of our centerpieces & something i will probably trash after the wedding. 

so i'm attempting diy. cross your fingers and toes for me because i'm not gifted in the craft department. 

after crafting, i ran to two different malls and into countless stores only to not find anything i liked. the last store i ran into is old navy. i swear i could be a walking advertisement for this freakin' store! how adorable is this simple striped dress? it's in the works to do a whole recap of the amazing finds i got, so check back for that later. i could definitely see this being a future bridal shower dress. 

we stayed in both friday and saturday nights this past weekend, yet here i am still exhausted. probably exhausted from the stress of monopoly. i have probably played this game one other time in my life. let's just say i'm not so skilled & i was the first one out with only $5 to my name. i had the crappiest real estate of the entire game with two houses built. i'm so glad i don't manage my money in real life like i did in monopoly.

sunday morning we made pancakes and just soaked up the sun streaming into our breakfast nook. later that afternoon, i met allyson and we headed to amelie's french bakery in noda for a wedding wire event hosted by my wedding florist, pink petunia designs. i have such a stronger respect for flowers now! i know that seems silly, but i feel like when it came time to do flowers, i would walk in be like "i like it" ; "i hate that" ; "no, i want it to look like this" kinda mentality. they told us about which flowers were the best wedding flowers, and we got to make our own bouquet! the first flower picture is what i threw together for my bridesmaids as a rough idea. the white bouquet was a bouquet i won via raffle! 

i'm 3/3 at winning raffles at wedding events. lee says i need to go buy a lottery ticket before my luck runs out.

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