Wednesday, March 11, 2015

new orleans in photos.

oh hey - coming at ya with the weekend recap on a wednesday. life happens. also monday's after a bachelorette party also happen. and they are also very hard to get through. so hard that it even creeped on into tuesday. but let's just say one of my good friends, katie, had one heck of a bachelorette party. we danced. we drank. we ATE. we saw. we conquered. i'll just let the pictures tell you. 

here's our house for the weekend. how cute right?

i'm pretty sure i will have mismatched chairs in my own dining room now because of this house. 8 of us girls stayed in one room and surprisingly it worked! with 4 queen sized bunk beds, and a master suite, it housed all 10 of us. 

we went exploring around the city including spots like jackson square and bourbon street; popping in and out of cute shops here & there. we watched a break dancing show, drank lots of coffee & bailey's (and bloody mary's), ate too many beignets, and got guys to sign katie's blow up toy. i'll let your mind wander on that one.

day turned to night and we took on the town. i honestly lost count of how many bars we went to. i think the last night we got about 4 hours of sleep! and the selfie stick came in handy alot this past weekend.

mr b's, pat o'briens, and a lovely bourbon bad boys were definitely highlights of the trip and oh so very bachelorette of us. nola - this won't be the last time i visit you! 

short but sweet review due to my crazy busy week this week, but it was one for the books. i cannot wait to watch this lovely lady get married on may 16th! 

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