Thursday, March 26, 2015

our save the dates.

so these pictures were taken back when i had my iphone 4 from my iphone 5's death. so oops! #notaperfectblogger. but this is the save the date we decided on. they turned out so simple - just how i wanted with just our names & date. the hudson in the background is a car that lee's dad built from the ground up and will also serve as our getaway car after the reception. 

we both love to celebrate so popping champagne during our engagement pictures was a no brainer. my favorite part about this picture is the way lee is looking at me. insert gush sentence, i guess. 

we used minted for our save the dates & i liked them the most. and trust me, i checked out a lot of websites. minted was easy because they had templates, if you wanted to use one, or you could customize. i wanted a big picture of us that took up the entire save the date, rounded corners, and a font that i could choose. 

so custom template was right up my alley. also important to me were our save the dates to be magnetic so you could just throw them on a fridge. minted also will printed your addresses and addressees for free! that's right - freakin' free! i decided to opt out of this for the save the dates because i had that design i told y'all about that i wanted to do. but for the wedding, i absolutely will. 

we're coming up on 5 months and i honestly can't believe it. ever have so much to do that you decide not to do anything? yeah, me too. 

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