Monday, March 16, 2015

the weekend that was green.

it actually was green in more ways that one, but more on that later. my best friend & maid of honor's birthday is st. patrick's day, so we had her down to celebrate alongside of her boyfriend graham, her sister morgan, and her husband caleb. 

after throwing around too many four leaf clover emojis, we started the night with dinner & drinks at all american pub, which was fun and all, but as most of us are 26 or older, we decided going back to our house for pajamas and beer pong was the better solution. so we did. and it was one of my favorite nights to date of 2015. 

i introduced them to my selfie stick and a party was made. it was quite hilarious choosing which pictures made the blog and which didn't.. if you know what i mean. caleb is well over 6'6" so, when he had his hands on the selfie stick, it was basically like someone was standing on our second story balcony taking pictures of us. 

we ended the night playing beer pong, of course, because that's one of mine and danielle's favorite past times from college. ask us what's most of our favorite memories from college and i guarantee you it was dominating the beer pong table. so, happy birthday beautiful! i can't wait for you to stand beside me in august.

saturday was the annual charlotte st. patty's day bar crawl which pretty much takes over uptown. everyone everywhere is wearing a green shirt & drinking a bud light out of the green clover aluminum bottle. it's madness. it's fun. i've done this crawl for three years now and it's one of the most entertaining ones.

lee, drew, and i met up with hannah & matt - other friends of mine and the 7 other people they were with. everywhere you look, there's a sea of green. see what i mean?

we ended the night with potato skins, wings, & chips & queso which are certainly not on the wedding diet. but hey, is this a time where i throw in #yolo?

yes it is.

sunday, lee and i decided to come to terms with how old we are. we have now found joy in going to lowe's to buy yard-work tools and supplies. we have these awesome planters on our deck which needed some sprucing up & our yard which needed fertilizing. 

being new homeowners, we had nothing. not a shovel; not a rake. nada. so this was quite the trip to buy all the tools that made lee feel super man-like. i love seeing his eyes light up over this kind of stuff! 

we picked out some flowers, mainly because the colors were pretty, and were on our way to fix up our yard now that north carolina is pretty much in spring mode.

it was a long day, but we got so much accomplished. the deck still is in need of a good stain, but maybe within the next few weekends we will tackle that. the previous home owner neglected these planters so digging up old roots were necessary. lee dug while i planted. i admit, it was so fun doing this with him because neither of us have a green thumb. thus the hashtag #nogreenthumb was started.

we also bought some herbs to plant because cooking is our favorite thing to do together & fresh herbs from the garden is pretty much like christmas to us. so those were planted as well.

cheers to my first "garden." coming within the next few weeks will be planting zucchini, tomatoes, and maybe some squash. we buy (and eat) vegetables every week, so this would be a great money saver. if you have garden miracles, throw them my way because i'm oh so clueless.

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