Wednesday, March 4, 2015

wedding wednesday: six months to go

february doesn't have a 29th day, so we did a little celebrating on march 1st. it's the same thing right? lee is a stick to the book beer kinda guy, where as me - i like to eeny meeny miney moe on the craft beer list and pick which ever one i land on. but here lately he's been venturing out too, so that's what we did. we went to see american sniper (which was an amazing movie), and grabbed dinner afterward.

things i still need to do over the next few months (that i can't think of at this moment) consist of:

- send the save the dates. 
- finalize ceremony music
- make sure bridesmaid dresses are ordered soon
- find wedding dress accessories
- specific crafts for the tables (which i'm so excited about!)
- guest book idea - i kind of have one that's so different, but it's just the process of making it happen
- a way to display the seating chart
- host a spray painting/wedding decor party with lots of wine
- get a passport (i know; it's weird i don't have one)
- start looking at lee's wedding band
- finish registering (oops)
- workout like 4 times a week

i'm sure there are so many more than i'll think of in like 5 minutes. the nitty gritty stuff like organizing the seating chart, ordering invitations, etc will come much later. 

speaking of working out 4 times a week, with that comes good food & y'all, i tried panera bread's new broth bowls last night. they are around 390 cals or so and sooo good. i am dying to make this at home! 

it honestly can't be that hard right? 

and i'm just zoodle-ing away with my spirooli. i made a veggie zoodle dish with roasted cauliflower & broccoli earlier this week with a runny fried egg on top. loving this cookbook!

leaving for new orleans tomorrow, so i'll catch y'all next week! 
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