Monday, March 23, 2015

weekending in march.

friday was really exciting because people were texting me about receiving our save the dates! i'll def be posting more about this later this week, but here's a little sneak peak.

saturday morning, we woke up and i fixed some amazing avocado & egg toast while i caught up on some blog reading before our crazy day started.

i ran 4 times last week for a total of 11 miles. go ahead and slap me silly through the computer screen because here i am soooo sore today, but determined to go again after work. i quit my membership at the gym also. i will say i miss the machines - especially the in/out leg machine! but the fact of the matter is it's an added expense that i honestly don't need. 

since the time changed, it's light outside until 7:30 or later so that gives me plenty of time to get home, get a run in, & finish up by lifting weights/pushups/squats etc in our bonus room. 

plus when i was at the gym, i wasn't giving it my full potential because i hate working out in front of other people. just a personal thing. this way, i'm already at home so what's another mile if i can squeeze it in?

plus i'll take this view to a dumb treadmill any day of the week.

our neighborhood is great for having a nice mile loop back to my house and what could be cooler than having your nails match your weights? sinful collections polish is only $1.99 and i swear this is day 4 of my at home mani. 

saturday night, we went out with a big group of 14+ of us to all american pub to catch the state & unc games. they both won! it was a great win for state to knock off the #1 seed - i honestly didn't expect that one. 

this was my outfit that basically yells spring. 

dress / flats (seriously SO cute) / scarf from h&m (similar) / thin belt (target has so many colors!)

like i mentioned the game was intense. check out lee & drew's blank stare faces. i think a hurricane could have been going on outside, & they would've been glued to that tv.

can you just hear lee saying please oh please oh please over and over in his head?

the lovely miss hannah & her boyfriend matt got to join us also. i just love this girl. when we met over a year ago, we instantly clicked. i just love people like that! they came back with us to continue the night at our house where what did we do? .... play with the selfie stick and play beer pong. of course. sound familiar? of course it does. but when it ain't broke, why fix it?

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