Thursday, April 16, 2015

a post about a salad.


that describes my mood for this week. charlotte has been getting dumped with rain ever since monday. i'm not usually one of those people who get affected by that, but it got me in a rut today. usually i'm all blogging about how good of a mood i'm in, but life, ya know?  life. i'll just blame it on the rain for now. these next two weekends are our last weekends of freedom until late october. 

yes, october.

does that stress you out as much as it does me? because it stresses me out a lot. all of our activities are fun so it's definitely something to look forward to, but sheesh, october! anyway, i'll step off my rant box and talk about a silly salad instead.

so freakin good. i've also came to terms with the fact that i use the word freakin' frequently when typing. even though my mood has been, for the lack of a better word, blahhhh, this week, my dinners haven't. look at this pretty plate! it blows my mind just how many extra calories dressing adds to a salad. so for this one - i just did lettuce, tomato, black beans, corn, and roasted asparagus. and clearly baked some salmon with paprika, salt & pepper on top. squeezed a bit of fresh lemon juice and BAM - we have dinner. and it was really, really good. 

what's your favorite summer salads? and yes, i'm aware it's spring yet i'm referencing summer. whatever. 

also - if you have checked out lisa loves john's recipe for these zucchini/sweet potato patties that i made last night below - you are missing out. i've made these twice this week and they are sooooo good. 

well now that you've read about me complaining about the weather and a cool salad, i'll let you go. here's to hoping this rain peaces out asap!
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