Monday, April 6, 2015

easter weekend.

why yes, we had an adult easter egg hunt like we were 5. and it was a blast. mom & dad hid about 80 eggs with candy inside around their front yard & 4 big golden eggs that had either $1, $5, $10 or $20 inside. we could only get one of those and i ended up finding the $10. score. 

mom also made these purple and blue cupcakes below and they were the most moist cupcakes i've ever had in my life. her secret was applesauce! don't ask me how or why - i'm a cauliflower expert, not a baking one. 

my parents have transformed where our pool used to be into this gorgeous gazebo area. my bridal shower in june will be hosted here and i'm so excited! we spent a ton of time just sitting under the gazebo listening to some tom petty.

target wedges (flat options here) // floral shorts (in love!) // chambray top

we took family pictures early saturday morning (more to come on that later) & even though i didn't wear this outfit, it sure was nice to come home and change into. these shorts are my favorite shorts in all of ever because of how they fit me.  & chambray never goes out of style. 

however, the girly outfit came off later that day as we decided to break out some of my dad's, brother's and lee's guns to go shoot. this was my second time ever shooting a gun, if you can't tell from my snapchat above (agcrute on snapchat). i shot a 22, a 45, and a 40 - which is lee's. and let's just say... i suck. i was closing the wrong eye when trying to aim for about halfway during the time we were shooting. once i figured out i needed to open my right eye to align with the target, i was much better. 

and lee was like a kid at a candy store.

we ended the night with some michelob ultras around the firepit. it was a wonderful easter weekend with my family! already counting down to when my mom comes down here for her dress shopping for the wedding! 

after sunday service, we arrived back at home and found that the easter bunny brought us some blooms. being the first spring in the house, we weren't sure what would bloom back and what wouldn't. having fresh fruit and fresh flowers = some kinda heaven. we then headed over to the walkers for a late easter meal.

nails // shoes

we spent most of the time talking about the wedding. i can't believe it's coming up so soon y'all! next on the list is to finalize the groomsmen's suits which we will be doing this weekend hopefully. we're ready for the championship game tonight! i guess i'll go all "be an acc fan" & pull for duke. not so sure the boys will say the same.
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