Monday, April 20, 2015

i found my favorite brewery.

i got hit with one of those 24 hour stomach bugs on thursday night. i attempted to go into work friday, but by the afternoon i felt awful. so bad that i had to come home from work. there is seriously nothing worse than being sick and being at your office at the same time. i don't know where it came from, but i'm sure glad it didn't last long. so my friday night looks something like this.

i kid you not, if you want to know what lee and i do on friday nights, it consists of the food network. we are obsessed with all these cooking shows, to put it mildly. netflix has seasons of cutthroat kitchen, which seems to be our favorite show. so my friday night consisted of barely eating, watching a cooking show, my favorite blanket, and a date with knock off pepto. don't judge my bookshelves, y'all. it's a work in progress. with all this down time, i also caught up on a little bit of wedding reading.

dear all future and current brides. you need this book. it's the wedding book by mindy weiss and is seriously the best one. it talks all things wedding etiquette, do's and don't's, beauty prep, workouts, decor, dresses, suits... i mean the list is endless. it's really helped me a lot with this process so i highly recommend! i think my favorite part is in the back of the book, it gives you a one year countdown of what needs to be done time wise leading up to the wedding. things such as when to have your veil ordered or when to book a videographer. it breaks down each month, and even each week as you get closer to your date, telling you how to stay on track. since we got engaged on august 6th and are getting married august 29th, it was perfect for my crazy planning self.

saturday morning i finally felt a little better so i decided to experiment in the kitchen. i've actively been trying to eat better and eat "cleaner" so this was fun. don't mind the chicken wings i ate yesterday; those don't count. i'm a big believer in splurging occasionally though. but for those moments for when i'm not, i bring you spinach pancakes.

i know what you're thinking. ew. because that's the one word that came out of lee's mouth when he saw my green batter. i was pleasantly surprised with these actually. flour-less, milk-less spinach pancakes. so how on earth do you make these weird things?

i throw it all into my ninja blender. i promise you i am not a walking advertisement for this thing, but it's so easy to use. combine together 1 ripe banana, two eggs, dash of cinnamon, 2 scoops of your preferred protein powder (i used chocolate flavored), 1 and a half cups of spinach and blend. i ended up adding in a bit more spinach and honestly could've added more to thicken up the batter. you want it nice and thick like normal pancake batter.

and voila! spinach pancakes. as jenn said, if i start turning green, we know where it came from. i go through one or two huge bins of spinach a week! after brunch, lee, drew and i decided to go check out sycamore brewing after hearing how much chesson loves it. it was my first time visiting and i'm pretty sure i'm making my way back every saturday from now on.

the coolest part? there were dogs everywhere. i am on board with any place that lets you bring your dog. i ran into a great dane and about melted into a pool of mush after falling in love with her pretty puppy eyes. they had live music, and an outdoor beer garden area that is insanely cool. i plan on bringing danielle, and her big boy knox, here when we visit each other in a few weeks so i'll try to snag more pictures of the place next time. 

if you're looking for somewhere cool, this is it. and their carolina yacht club beer is definitely a new favorite. it's their seasonal one so i plan on checking this place out all summer.

it started to sprinkle so we decided to head over to selwyn pub for some early dinner plans. i love selwyn because of their outdoor seating with the big tree in the middle, but those stupid green inchworms kept falling on my table! i would have squirmed if one those things fell in my hair, or beer, or food! so we took it inside. we headed home later for a nice night in with a deck of cards. aren't those the greatest?

and now for something fun! since we're approaching bathing suit season (for some of us it's already here),i teamed up with some of these great girls below to giveaway at $200 gift card to lululemon. we all know their clothes are not cheap, so the lucky winner can go on a shopping spree on us to get a jump start on their workout wardrobe for the warmer months. good luck!

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