Monday, April 13, 2015

i need a margarita.

ahhh friday evenings how i already miss you. i love going out with friends and dressing up, but here lately friday nights have been spent with just lee and i - grilling for dinner and sippin' on a corona. and apparently staring at the weeping willow in our backyard. we go crazy i tell ya. and yes, i'm wearing my fitbit while drinking a beer. everything in moderation right? speaking of fitbit, have you guys seen the tory burch covers? i am lusting over this one, but am having a hard time justifying that price.

saturday we got up and started looking at suits for the men to wear at the wedding. as i talked about last week, i am envisioning the lightest gray ever. we checked out two different men's warehouse locations and i can't lie - it was really annoying. for one, you can't rent certain suits so the groomsmen would have to buy. which fine - you can always reuse a suit. then there's the whole suit versus tux debate. i found a tux i loved, but i felt like it dressed up the wedding more than i wanted. plus our groomsmen won't be wearing jackets so that's pointless. we left both locations empty handed because the customer service was awful too! at least we found a color suit that i loved. what do you think?

so naturally after all that tension, this happened on snapchat (follow me: agcrute!). we were up near huntersville, which is where our friends, jj & amanda, recently bought a home so we swung by to check it out. and of course lee couldn't pass up a jungle gym and i had to document my outfit. am i an official blogger now because of that?

dress // lace wrap - old; similar here // lips

later that night, we went to bakersfield for that margarita i was talking about & tacos for allyson's birthday. celebrations continued at  tyber creek from then on out. i love that irish pub! & here is a sneak from her and chris's engagement session. isn't it gorgeous? i can't wait to stand beside her when they tie the knot on october 17th.

lee's beer came in a boot mug. and it was $2. i was so tempted to just as for a boot to put my margarita in. why do drinks taste better out of an oddly shaped container? and why do they taste even better at $2? (even if it is a PBR!)

sad to see this weekend end, but it was a great one. i am very thankful for the man in this picture. i couldn't imagine spending this life with anybody else!
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