Friday, April 10, 2015

it's a give & take.

this week was busy one. i've been working out almost every day, but on wednesday we took a break to celebrate laurie's birthday at cajun queen. and while we were parking the car, we realized this was the very first time lee and i had been back to independence park - where he proposed back in august. i was excited - clearly.

speaking of cajun queen, this is the outdoors of it. it's also where our rehearsal dinner will be at. it's a little house converted to a restaurant and they have a cajun chicken pasta that is life changing. i'm pretty sure i worked out almost everyday this week just so i could get the pasta. i was my first time having pasta in forever!

so you have heard about my birdcage idea with fake flowers - see it here - and i'm happy that my lace dollies finally came! i got 75 of these for $9 including shipping off of etsy. what a freakin steal! i now plan to spray paint the dollies our light blush color and start figuring out how on earth to do the flowers in the center. i'm winging this whole wedding thing i swear. anyone out there have any good tips on arranging fake flowers? 

also this week, we got our family portrait sneak peaks! brett carver, out of roxboro, did these at a local farm and i'm excited to see the rest. 

i have became a juicing fanatic. i drink a juice for breakfast, another for mid morning snack and another with my lunch which is usually pretty small. i swear the green color freaks people out, but this juice (made with spinach, orange, almond milk, & vanilla) tastes like a orange creamsicle. this has aided in my workout regimen and my diet. i also may do this so i can eat that pasta i was telling you about. it's always a give and take. happy friday!

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