Friday, April 3, 2015

the best of this week.

more wedding updates. shocker, right? i was having some trouble finalizing our centerpiece ideas. i knew i wanted birdcages since i haven't seen that at many weddings (so far) and because our venue already has this massive one as decor. so it fit. i found 14 birdcages off of craigslist for $100 bucks! i ordered lace dollies off of etsy and am pretty much copying the above for my centerpieces. if you get married before me and steal this, i will find you. kidding. or am i?

another highlight this week was my blate with kristina, chesson, & joey! we grabbed some drinks and sushi at enso charlotte & talked all night! kristina & i went to nola together for a mutual friend, katie's, bachelorette weekend so we knew each other a bit. i had met chesson before at an event. but joey and i met for the first time at enso. blogging is definitely weird/has perks because you already know so much about people's lives before you even met them.

top // pants // bracelet // wallet

i mentioned this before but i am loving some old navy lately. their pixie pants fit me like a dream! this polka dotted pair are so cute! i paired it with a basic white button down & pattern matched with my striped block wallet. this wallet is my go-to everyday wallet and i love it because it's big enough to close with my new iphone 6 inside! i struggled with that before so this is a dream. also loving this jenny bird bracelet i got in this month's rocksbox. (sign up for a free month using code amandaxoxo!)

let me just start this by saying no, i haven't drank this many bottles of wine since christmas. that would be extremely embarrassing! my brother's girlfriend gave me this cool W to fill with wine corks to hang as kitchen decor. i had a little help from friends that brought me their wine corks to put in the W. we're almost there!

and finally this week, the most exciting part is we're heading to good ol' roxboro for the weekend. we have family photos on saturday morning as a gift to my mom so i've been racking my brain trying to plan outfits. do you know how hard it is the plan outfits when you're 3 hours away? here's to winging it and smiling big during the pictures. we haven't done these since i was like born so wish us luck!
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