Wednesday, April 8, 2015

wedding wednesday: dressing the men

i think it's going to be really fun to come back to these posts after the wedding to see what i thought i wanted, what i really ended up selecting, and how it all comes together. lee had more of a say in the groom's and groomsmen attire that i thought he would. his original attitude was "i don't care, you pick" like every other engaged man in the country, but once i starting throwing him funky ideas, he decided he wanted a say. the funky ideas were just a joke, by the way. 

i'm glad he wants a say. if anything i probably ask him for his opinion too much. let me tell you - blush tones that are 2 color shades lighter or darker don't mean anything to guys. it's like they're programmed to see it all the same. i have went back and forth on gray suits or tan suits... gray suits... tan suits. gray. tan. i've done this in my sleep and until the cows come home, but i think i've landed on gray. and the lightest gray i can find that is. something along these lines.

what do you guys think? and now that i'm looking at these side by side, the one on the right is so light gray it's almost tan! seriously, #bridebrain has kicked in and is a real thing. as far as jackets go - we decided in not dressing the groomsmen in jackets. after all it will be late august, so we're thinking hot weather. but we all know nc likes to throw us curve-balls with weather so we're keeping our fingers crossed for just no rain during the ceremony, which is outdoors, at least. lee, my dad, and his dad will be wearing jackets so the groomsmen will look something like this.

except in much lighter gray suit. have i emphasized gray enough to you yet? the bridesmaid dresses i chose will look nicely with these lighter colors. i'm crossing my fingers at least!! what do you think? am i missing something that i need to know about dressing my groomsmen? do they all wear the same shoes? can i do a funky flower thing that they pin? i forgot what that's even called....i told you i'm losing it. help me out - i'm talking to you bride's to be & current wives. 
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