Tuesday, May 19, 2015

a double anniversary.

see that man right there? he's been mine for two years now. we took our anniversary dinner date to bentley's on 27th and i swear it was one of the best meals i have ever had. do i say that a lot? i love food. but regardless, if you haven't been here, you need to take your life savings and go pronto.

obviously i'm kidding, but be prepared to drop a pretty penny. anniversaries just come around once a year, so we didn't mind. i ordered the bourbon filet which was served to me on fire, mind you. their signature martini was amazing as well. just check out this view from the 27th floor in the heart of uptown charlotte.

on our actual anniversary, may 16th, we had something different to celebrate. one of my great friends katie got married! so now we share anniversaries - until august that is. it was a gorgeous ceremony at byron's south end and and even more fun reception. complete with a photobooth, fantastic food, and wine for days, the frazier's know how to party. katie looked stunning in her bridal gown and i'm so thankful i got to be there for the event!

on sunday, we did lots of things walker wedding. complete with picking out the girls bouquets and the groomsmen's flower things that they wear. you know the word i can't spell. we also finally picked out wedding suits. i knew i wanted gray, but men's warehouse being the most annoying store on the planet, didn't have the gray i wanted but in tuxedo. tux's are a no no in lee's mind (and kind of mine too because i feel it dresses up our wedding too much. so i settled on this below number - but just without that god awful red.

ironically, it's the same suit that lee is wearing in another wedding at the end of june that he is in, so i'll get to see a little preview of what my groom will look like! lucky me. 

after tackling sunday with all things wedding, we decided to treat ourselves to a little mexican. cantina 1511 off of park road is seriously some of the best mexican i have ever had. and this girl knows her some mexican places. i don't know why it took me so long to go here, but can i go back right now? 

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