Thursday, May 7, 2015

omg i am back.

oh hey blogland! how's life? i took a serious, unexpected break. last week was rough for me. i came down with a crazy cold and pretty much didn't exist for about a week. when i get sick, i get sick. i mean can't move out of the bed, why even put on pants, binge watch netflix - kind of sick. anyway, i'm back to myself and have missed blogging so let's get caught up, shall we?

before i got sick, i had an unexpected 12 hour shift. to those who do that on a normal basis - hats off to you. but for me who averages 8-9 hours a day - it was crazy. lee had made dinner reservations for date night and had to cancel them due to my last minute work thing so when i finally got home at 9:45 on a friday night, he had this waiting. am i marrying the right person or what?!

we also received our very first shower present! this arrived on our doorstep from some very sweet people. i have been eyeing this west elm wooden tray for such a long time and it sits nicely on our island in the kitchen displaying some flowers and a candle. my first shower is in about three weeks and i'm so very excited!!

now for a house update. we are still finalizing our living room so i have to keep that under wraps for now. but the kitchen is pretty much decorated (or at least decorated enough to share). last sunday, we both decided to pass on cooking dinner and order chinese take out to go along with our mario kart game. 

lee and i are both clean freaks about our kitchen (yes, lee is a clean freak! possibly more than me!) so we keep our kitchen always in good shape, but this picture just took me away. everyday, i am so grateful for everything we have.

as i mentioned being MIA last week - i was finally feeling better by last weekend. being sick for 5 days straight is awful so when saturday hit i was happy to finally be able to breathe again. and that's such a blessing because my best friend/maid of honor came to see me! we started #bestfriendsaturday, as we liked to call it, with pancakes and mimosas.

followed by another trip to sycamore brewing! she brought her adorable lab, knox, to stay with us for the weekend. 

isn't he adorable? he was ever so popular at sycamore. clearly this was a big snapchat of mine over the weekend (follow me on snapchat by searching agcrute!). we returned home and got ready to take on the night. i snagged this adorable picture of knox sleeping in my bathroom. looks like hanging out with all the cool dogs at sycamore did him in!

it was a much needed girls weekend as lee was away on a bachelor party. and i just love this picture because it describes us perfectly. 

and finally within the past week or so, i got to hang out with my girl sara. sara and i go wayyyy back! to this day, we still refer to each other as a "sister" and she's definitely very near to my heart. she texted me that she was in charlotte this past weekend and asked me to come hang out by the pool. it was an no brainer. 

i took her back to my house, after catching some rays, so she could see what lee and i have been up to and i cherished spending the day with her. some things don't change! i'm so excited she will be at our wedding.

speaking of our wedding - the other day i was driving past our venue. i actually pass by our venue every day on my way to work! it's such an a nice reminder. i snagged this awesome picture and it reminded me the wedding is in three and a half months.

what! three and a half months!!! lets enter bride brain. #agcbridebrain to be exact. i'm freaking out too. the next biggest thing is my first dress fitting next tuesday. wish me luck? 

glad to be back. xoxo.
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