Thursday, May 14, 2015

the one where i hold the drinks.

bissssss -eeeeeee. 

busy. that is one word to describe my life lately which is another reason i haven't had a chance to blog. lee swears once the wedding is over and the house is decorated, i won't have anything to do. 

i promise this post wasn't intentionally planned for me to hold some sort of wine in a glass about wedding stuff, but it just kinda happened that way. over the past few weeks, i have been busy sorting through our invitations and rsvp cards. want a sneak peek? sure you do.

i'm in love with this font. it's elegance, it's simplicity. it's everywhere at this wedding. so of course it made it to the actual invitations as well. i don't want to reveal those just yet because they don't go out until early june. 

early june? you ask. but your wedding isn't until the end of august, you say. yes, early june. also note my rsvp date says by august 1st - which is 5 weeks before the wedding. most people don't even send invitations until 6 weeks before the wedding. what can i say? working in meeting planning everyday of my life and seeing how people can lag on responses is all i can think about. and i want to know who is coming to plan accordingly.

now i'm just ranting. and now there's the photo with a sneak peak of the invitation.

and the there's the drink holding picture cheers-ing to me trying on my wedding gown for the first time tuesday. it was a special and so surreal moment. trying on my actual gown, seeing myself in the mirror and what i will look like on the day i get married - besides the 9 hour old hair and makeup from work that day. it's unlike any other feeling. 

i honestly can't wait to share my dress with y'all. i have shared it with half of my phone book anyway and have banned lee from my phone. it's taking everything in me not to show him because we are not doing a first look. gasp! find out why later next week. 
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