Friday, May 15, 2015

there's something beautiful about all white.

i've been going back and forth, then back, and then forth again with an all white bouquet for myself. there's something about its simplicity and the textures of the baby's breath and roses that just do it for me. after getting back my dress and seeing it on, i have started brainstorming what would look best with it. 

i would like to think that all brides put this much thought into their wedding (and i'm sure they do!) but i seriously am planning every detail. planning and thinking is the the reflection i want to my guests? will i look back on this decision and be like why on earth did i do that? i'm prepping myself now for something not to go according to plan as i know that's normal. what's the biggest thing that "went wrong" at your wedding? tell me so i can prep even further! 

anyway back to flowers. we are meeting with our florist this sunday and i'm so pumped! here's the look i'm thinking for my bridesmaids. it has a hint of a flower called "dusty miller" which is the silvery-green look below.

and then the sprig-y looking ones in the above - those are called veronica. who knew i'd learn so much about flowers?? i love the weird texture they bring to an otherwise "perfectly round" bouquet. do you have any tips or tricks that you learned/wish you would have asked your florist? anything i should make sure to ask more about?
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