Tuesday, May 26, 2015


i'm still trying to figure out why on earth i live so far from the beach. i love my life in charlotte so much, but the beach is my getaway. maybe that's why it's my getaway because i don't live there? anyway. this past weekend, we got to travel down to carolina beach to celebrate a lovely someone. 

that's right! it was a bachelorette weekend for the lovely amanda. #thrilledforgill became popular as amanda's last name is gill. and clearly we were thrilled to be celebrating her all weekend. as it turned out, there were three amanda's down at the beach so things got a bit confusing from time to time. but regardless, it was so much fun celebrating the bride to be. amanda & jj are getting married on june 27th, and i have no doubt it will be a gorgeous wedding. check out our sweet bachelorette pad - double window walls & a fantastic patio. i couldn't stop setting my drinks on the banister & taking pictures. 

after a fun night in on friday, we kicked off saturday morning with coffee and mimosas. a couple of the girls fixed breakfast before we headed out to the beach. quickly following coffee was... you guessed it. margaritas. 

after a long beach day, we went back up to get showered & head to dinner. the MOH had made reservations at havana's - which is a popular place to dine in carolina beach. i had a yummy seafood back and prosecco of course. what's a bachelorette party without champagne! 

after dinner, we headed back to shower amanda with a few gifts and talked most of the night. we were all pretty tired from the sun all day, and knew we needed rest before taking it on again on sunday. sunday was pretty much a repeat of saturday, but it was a nice relaxing getaway with this fun group of girls. 

happy bachelorette amanda!
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