Wednesday, May 20, 2015

wedding wednesday: the conflicting post.


remember last week when i mentioned i was going into detail about why we are not doing a first look? i was so adamant about it too. lee has given me free range on most of the things for the wedding. things that guys don't really care about one way or the other. things such as flower choices, or colors, or anything decor. so when i asked him what's one thing that is the most important to him - he said he didn't want to do a first look. 

he said the very first time he wanted to see his bride was as her father was walking her down the aisle. he even got slightly emotional over that so i know it meant a lot to him. so it was set. no matter logistics. no matter timing. no matter getting photos out of the way - i let it all go to give him that moment. 

fast forward about 5 months to last week when i wrote how i wanted to blog about this reason. and even last week, i was still ever so sure that's what we were doing.

insert this past saturday at my friend katie's wedding. katie works in the field of meeting planning as well so i know our brains think alike when it comes to wedding planning. i saw her at the reception for the first time and one of the first things she said to lee and i was "you have to do a first look."
i shot lee a look, knowing he didn't want to, but interestingly enough he asked her why? she went on about logistics and photos - typical reasons why a first look is a great idea. but then she mentioned something that i think changed lee's mind - or at least got his mind thinking.

she started talking about how it's an intimate moment shared between the bride and groom, all alone without the pressure and anxiety that comes with walking down the aisle. she mentioned that she got her emotions in check and wasn't ugly crying down the aisle. if you know me, i'm sold. i am so scared i will be so emotional crying down the aisle! i tear up every time i hear the song i am walking down to because my mind imagines it. she said she got to experience her emotion with her groom and vice versa. i feel this would help with anxiety and just make you more relaxed rather than anticipation. 

lee agreed.

yes, lee agreed. 

so now we're back to square one with the first look or not doing the first look. and that's why this post is conflicting and i need your help. did you do a first look? why or why not? do you wish you did the opposite? .
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