Monday, May 11, 2015

wine, friends, showers, engagements, concerts, invites.

for the past two weekends, lee has gone a two different bachelor parties. that has left amanda at the house alone. something amanda doesn't enjoy. 

okay, i'll stop referring to myself in third person. it's no joke that i have been afraid of staying alone. i think there's a term for that? - stayingathomephobia? regardless, i'm glad lee is back from his back to back bachelor party weekends. the funny thing is - neither of those were his! we have 7 weddings this year, including our own, so get ready for #leeandamandaweddingtour to happen soon.

anyway, before he left, on thursday night we decided to start friends. i've definitely seen the show before but never in a consistent manner. so a blanket and my love were in order. 

lee left to go down to myrtle beach on friday night, so a trip to the grocery store was on my agenda which obviously included a bottle of wine or two. 

drew, lee's brother, was in town as well, so we decided to take on brother sister night hardcore. every day i wish my own brother, andy, lived closer. hopefully he can get down here soon! but in the mean time, drew and i decided to go out to selwyn pub to hang out and ended our night back at my house watching taylor swift music videos. if you know me, you know this was a top notch night. 

on saturday, i had a bridal shower for one of my friends, also named amanda. her and jj are getting married at the end of june and are one of the 7 weddings we have this year. it was a very intimate, sweet bridal shower to celebrate the bride to be! 

keeping in the theme of weddings, i witnessed a proposal this weekend! one of my bridesmaids, allyson, included me to go to a cookout for one of her friends, maggie, after she graduated. maggie had no idea that most of the crowd knew what was about to happen, so it made it that much sweeter that she started crying as chase proposed! loving all things wedding currently in my life, this was really cool to witness. it immediately took me back to when lee proposed. after celebrating the new couple, it was time for needtobreathe.

if you follow me on snapchat (agcrute!), then you knew i was some kind of excited. needtobreathe is actually a christian band, and their music is so amazing. i highly encourage you to check them out. at one point i was crying during the show! but at the same time, that's so something i would do so i don't trust my validity there.

phenomenal show. it was my second time ever seeing them (the first time was when they opened for taylor swift!), and i wish i could relive it again. on sunday, i decided to start stuffing our wedding invites while sipping on a mimosa. i can't wait to reveal the whole invitation to you!

i'm asking for all rsvp's to be in by august 1st. i know i know, it's 5 weeks before the wedding. but i live and breathe meeting planning everyday in my own job so i know how people can take their time. these pretty things will go out early june and i can't wait to share! thanks for bearing with my bride brain between how and the next three months. 

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