Thursday, June 4, 2015

bridal shower number one.

i feel like the last few times i have posted have started with an apology for kinda being mia in the blog world. honestly, everything is just moving at a million miles an hour! but i know for a fact, i want these important times documented so here we are with bridal shower number one.

pictured left to right is laurie (lee's mom), chrissy, cindy, myself, danielle (my maid of honor), and my mom, beverly. this past saturday, these ladies hosted a lovely bridal shower in my honor at lee's parents house. because we're having another this sunday, my mom decided to come down to celebrate as well. 

i don't think i was prepared to be as emotional as i was. tears started flowing as soon as my mom and dad walked into our own house before heading over to laurie's. i was so nervous! all eyes on you, everyone is showing you so much love, and it can be overwhelming (in a good way) to experience it all. i'm an emotional person anyway, so this was not out of the ordinary - yes, that means send prayers my way for the actual day! 

we walked in and i laid my eyes on this. and seriously lost it. 

i mean, how beautiful. it was a combination of the gorgeous cake itself, the ladies that took time to do this for me, and the "bride to be" that sat atop the cake. it was just so much awesome energy going around the room, i couldn't handle it! we got settled and people started to arrive. and let me just tell you - if it wasn't for this lady in this picture, i don't know where i'd be emotionally.

a full dining table complete with all this amazing food and desserts. we socialized, ate, drank some wine (good for the nerves!) as everyone got there with their amazing gifts for lee and i.

see what i mean? are we lucky or what?

and of course these sweet little favors which said "sweet wishes from the soon to be Mrs." i probably teared up at this too. wouldn't you?!

i unwrapped gift after gift and was so thankful to have these ladies below shower us with all that they did. this wasn't even all of them! thank you all so much for your kindness, love, and support as we head into the three month countdown.

now, who wants to come to my house and help me with all these crafts?

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