Friday, June 26, 2015

our wedding invitations.

and there we have it folks - our wedding invitations. i spent so much time on these things, it was ridiculous. i read over every line, googled how to spell "fifteen" because it's such a weird word, and checked the spelling on "lee" about 8 times. i mean seriously, how do you mess that up? it's three letters. 

i ordered our save the dates from as well, and when it came time to do invites, i knew i wanted to use their service again. they do not disappoint. not only do they have the prettiest templates for you to choose from, you really can customize the look of the invites to make it your own. i picked out the above design, fonts, color, etc. and they are foil pressed! the gold shimmery outline i mean. 

i just can't get over how simple and elegant they are. two words that i can easily describe this wedding as. everything is truly coming together as we are heading into two months out and i can't wait for the day to be here! 

speaking of coming together, my dress is also finalized. i only had to do a few alterations at the bottom of the dress, and everything else fit like a dream. my bridal portrait session is july 29th (one month out! eek!) and i'm so stoked to be shooting with my photographer at this really awesome place that i'm keeping a secret for now. 

if any of your brides have advice for bridal portraits (like how to handle nerves!!), let me know. i'm already going to be an emotional wreck.

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