Friday, June 5, 2015

twin baby girls!

and before you start with the congratulations.... they are not mine. can you imagine? planning a wedding, 6 month homeowners and having twins?! no. no i can't.

but regardless, twins are the news for one of our friends, taylor & sean! they have been married for a few years now, have an amazing home, and on this past saturday, we found out they will be bringing two fraternal baby girls in the world. of course, i knew their gender reveal would be so cute - and with those "baby A & baby B" boxes and the "what's your guess?" diaper votes below, how could it not be?

we first found out taylor and sean were having a baby around a month and a half or so ago when we were all out for a friends dinner. they looked at each other, looked at us, and placed an ultrasound picture down on the table. we all squealed as we knew they had been wanting to have a baby and then taylor said "now, look closer." on the ultrasound were not one, but TWO circles surrounding two babies. 

if you're anything like me, you need that circle because at this point in my life, i still cannot read an ultrasound to save my life. needless to say, we were very excited to find out the gender.

at the reveal, there were various fruits/veggies that were a timeline of the baby's weight and size. have you ever seen that before?  i certainly had not and thought it was such a cute idea. from teeny olives to bigger veggies like sweet potatoes, the girls timeline was spread out across the deck.

taylor and sean knew it was two girls before anyone else did, so they let the grandmothers open one box and the grandfathers open box two. i got this on video and i promise you, it's the most adorable reaction ever. 

i can't wait to welcome these sweet baby girls this fall!
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