Tuesday, July 7, 2015

a note about calligraphy.

let's just start this post by saying i'm not a professional. i had been looking all over etsy for someone to hand write these signs for me for the wedding. $12 a piece? sheesh, i would go broke! so after some googling i gave my whirl at calligraphy. 

for the wedding table centerpieces, we're doing a birdcage, a small framed engagement photo, and a few small framed lyrics that are special to us. i'm also doing our table numbers myself with a unique twist, but that's another story for another day because i'm hoping they are super cool. 

so before you correct me, i know that i forgot the "at least" in this lyric. jack johnson's correct lyrics in better together are "love is the answer, at least, for most of the questions in my heart." what can i say though, i was doing these lyrics while half catching up on the bachelorette and honestly didn't feel like re-doing them. plus i can post it here, make fun of myself, and then all is right in the world again. 

for those who want to try their hand at calligraphy - it's actually not that hard. if you have a neat, cursive handwriting you're already 50% ahead of everyone else. for this, it's all about the down-stroke. make that part thicker. 

see how i did it here?

again, i'm no professional (have i mentioned that already?), but with the gorgeous dim lighting at our reception, these will do just fine. after all, everything look awesome in dim lighting.

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