Wednesday, July 8, 2015

five on ....wednesday?

honestly i just had the time to write. and when that happens, you take advantage of it. i guess i didn't mean for this post to start with this ridiculous picture, but these window panes will hold a pretty special place at our wedding. even if lee is creepy staring. one of our awesome friends, ryan, gave this to us as a shower gift - little did she know it would be used double; for our house & for the wedding! 

so why have i had the time? well because i ran out of doilies. i started this on a whim the other night after really zoning in on the calligraphy thing. i started to make place mats for everyone at the wedding. you don't even have to tell me i'm crazy, because i already know. we invited 141 people and so far... everyone has RSVP'd yes. ... which is an awesome thing! it just means i have 141 doilies to hand write names on. whatever; i have time at night right? right. 

but yesterday, i ran out of doilies so i had to order more so i had the time to blog. make sense?

via milla c photography

this picture. standing on the left is the groom from amanda & jj's wedding in pittsburg - hence jj is the groom. they finally got back their preview wedding photos and i was in awe of them all; but especially this one. look at the emotion in his face! i was sitting third row, so i got to see this happen as amanda was walking down the aisle, but seeing it captured in a photo like this is just amazing. i teared up - but what future bride (or girl in general!) would not? 

oh my. my sweet, sweet bridesmaid taylor ordered these amazing stock the bar invites for us. they are actual coasters! is she awesome or what?! she has kept every single thing about this party a secret from me ... and if you know me at all, you know this is killing me slowly. however, i have full faith that she & danielle will knock this party out of the park! she's already sneak peeked me a few goodies that she has made for the wedding... just you guys wait.

and finally - mr. bubble. he saved my life this week so far. its been a crazy work week, a crazy crafting week, a crazy prepping for luna week, a crazy finalizing wedding stuff week; it's been it all. we've both been a little stressed and honestly, i've had trouble sleeping. i've always had trouble, but this week had definitely not helped.

lee came home after a crazy day - and said pour yourself a glass of wine and a draw a bubblebath. every single day i thank God for him.
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