Monday, July 6, 2015

july fourth.

every 4th of july (except for last year), we head up to lee's friend, jesse's parents lake house. ok so fine, lee and i have only been together for 3 july 4th's and since we went to the beach last year, this is technically just the 2nd time, but let's just say we have a tradition. jesse's family has a great spot on high rock lake and is perfect for festivities. 

new this year was the jet ski, which i was completely terrified of until i gave it a try... that was successful. what does that mean exactly? the very first time i hopped on the back with lee, our balance was off and i was toppled over into the water. i love the water, but i'm not exactly the world's best swimmer, so that was kind of scary. round two was much better after we got the hang of it. 

we arrived at the lake on the afternoon of the 3rd and a storm set in that night. jesse's parents had just renovated their sun room so it was a perfect spot to listen to the rainfall.

the next morning, we kicked off the 4th with mimosas, because how else do you begin a day? the weather was perfect for more boating, lake swimming while freaking out if there were snakes present, noodle floating, and smoking some meat for dinner.

lee can't stop talking about our future "lake home" and "boat" which somehow he thinks we will have one day. i guess never say never, right?

the boys did such a good job on dinner by smoking a pork shoulder (lee's specialty), chicken, and ribs. around 8:30, we headed back on the boat to catch some fireworks. the lake at sunset is the most gorgeous thing you'll ever see. 

of course no boat ride is correct without more champagne, but this picture was a perfect red, white, & blue for the holiday! throw your hands up in the air if you hate being at work today!
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