Thursday, July 2, 2015

our sweet luna blue.

so this happened. this post won't be one of many words because i'm still trying to find the words to describe this absolute perfect face of our great dane daughter.

that's right. great dane. so she will only be this size for about ten more minutes. 

i have been wanting to be a puppy mom for years. back when we lived with jared & hannah, i got to be a puppy aunt to their dog, franny, but i knew when i owned my own house, first on the list was a puppy. i talked to lee about it and he was pretty close to adamant on waiting until after the wedding. i sucked it up, and was like okay fine. you're right. we have too much going on.

however, after doing more research, lee kept finding that most places wouldn't have puppies until november. november?! i can't wait for that!! so when we found this beauty, an appointment was set. on monday of this week, we basically went to visit her to see if it would be a good fit, but i already knew that i couldn't leave without her being mine - before i even saw her. 

when the lady walked out with this sweet ball of perfection in her arms, i lost it, y'all. i teared up, put my head in my hands, and immediately fell in love. 

i mean, how could you not? look at those paws! look at that face! luna had been in the bunch of names we had thrown around; such as... juniper, violet, iris.... but as soon as i saw her, i knew luna was the one. and then it hit me. luna blue. 

anyone have any puppy tips on crate training? shoot them my way? i mean would it be a blog post if i wasn't asking for advice? nope.

so welcome to the walker home, my sweet luna blue. i can't wait to bring you to your forever home in two and a half weeks!! between now and then i'll just silently cry until it's july 20th when i can come pick you up.
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