Wednesday, July 1, 2015

road to pittsburgh.

last friday, we made the trip in the car for 7 hours. how many times have you traveled 7 hours in a car in your life? not that many times for me so there was not enough magazines, iPad games, or naps that could get me through it. however, i did survive. 

it was a very special trip however, as we were going up to pittsburgh to see two of our friends, jj & amanda, get married! when we arrived friday, it went a little something like this.

i love visiting cities i've never been in. it's just something about tagging that location on instagram that makes me giddy. i swear i'm probably the only person the world that notices that, but i love adding a stamp on my instagram map of where i have traveled. we headed to the church, which was completely gorgeous on the inside, and then over to spaghetti warehouse to eat some rehearsal dinner goodness and enjoy some local IC light brews.

toasts were made, tears were shed (by me at least because i still cry over everything), and we had a big day the following morning, so we headed out for a glass of wine or two at a local bar, eleven, and then called it a night. ps: a thirteen dollar glass of wine is only acceptable when in a city you've never been in. 

the ceremony on saturday was at 2:30pm, so prior to getting ready, we did some exploring. we walked by altar bar, which is a bar in a church, & checked out the primanti bros. famous sandwich which i found to be extremely weird, if i'm being honest. fries on a sandwich? to each their own, pittsburgh! but hey, i'm always down to try something signature. 

i kept stressing because it had been raining all morning and, according to the forecast, had no signs of stopping. 100% chance of rain the weatherman kept saying. luckily, the ceremony was inside as well as the reception, but what bride & groom doesn't want cool outdoor pictures? i said a quick prayer before getting ready as i know as a fellow bride, i would be freaking out. 

i kid you not, God must have heard my prayer, because the rain let up right as we headed to the ceremony and held off as the couple took photos. as soon as they were introduced, it started to rain again. it couldn't have been more perfect. anyway, back to the day.

after the ceremony, we had a few hours to explore before the reception at 5:30. drew and i went to grab some local brews and hung out as lee was in the wedding party and was out taking photos. finally, it was time to party.

this reception was a dream, you guys. it was simply amazing. i loved their sequined place card table cloths, white floral arrangements, and the venue itself was just to die for. it was held at the heinz history center so we were surrounded by all things pittsburgh, as that's where the couple is originally from.

here is myself with the absolutely gorgeous bride, amanda. her dress was stunning.

we danced the night away and ended up singing songs to each other in one gigantic circle. you should see the videos!! jj, the groom, is skilled with computer design and videography, so the couple asked for the guests to video random snippits and email it to him to mesh together. i honestly can't wait to see it!

finally, one final special moment was seeing lee in his suit. this was really special to me because we are actually using he same suits in our own wedding! so i got a little preview of my own groom two months before our wedding. he was so handsome.

ps: we are officially at the two month countdown!
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