Tuesday, November 17, 2015

was it my birthday or his?

honestly, it started all his. i had asked a few of lee's closest friends to meet us out at the wooden robot for a few birthday drinks on saturday. this was our first time at this brewery and it really impressed me. they had a beer called "good morning vietnam" which was brewed with a coffee flavor. i love craft beers more than the average person, so this was something that caught my attention. 

we decided to do something during the day because we knew we both wanted to tailgate for the panthers/packers game the following morning. there were bets going on from both sides of the table. us panther fans were on a high from being 7-0 at the time so confidence was at an all time high. 

so much for only being out "during the day." you only turn 28 once right, lee? that became our mentality quickly as we ended up singing karaoke for most of the night. what did i sing you ask? that's a great question. "a thousand miles" by vanessa carlton was my choice of the night and it was quite the hit. my voice - not so much. however, when the whole bar is singing with you - you know you picked a good one. 

let's just say ... sunday morning came early.

but we were ready. i am also a huge packer fan, due to my husbands devotion to the team. he also owns a part of the team! it's like 1/10000000000 but still, that's pretty cool. his official ownership certificate hangs in his office if you don't believe me. 

this was hard. i've admittedly cried over a packers loss before. but like i said, i loved the panthers before i loved lee, so i had to go with my heart. he was dressed in an aaron rodgers college jersey and i was decked head to toe in panthers. 

we were enemies.

whenever the panthers scored, i went crazy. jumping up and down, yelling, holding onto my cat ears.... you name it. and then i remembered lee wanted that feeling for the other team. i didn't taunt as that was unfair, and i didn't cheer in his face. we both respected the fact that we were cheering for two different teams and that's how it was.

see? we love each other. 

there was a balloon release at half time and i swear i was 5 years old again.

the panthers ended up winning, as you all know by now, and went up 8-0. 8-0 BABY!!!! i was stoked. and if you don't live under a rock, you probably know they beat the titans this past sunday to go up 9-0!!! NINE - OH! a panther fan's dream. we're finally there boys. let's keep pounding.

so poor lee was sad and then i felt (kinda) sad because he was sad. we went to get some dinner and took it out over burgers and all was right in the world again. 

plus we got to see this face so...

this face could cure anything. isn't she beautiful?

and as of yesterday, lee and i have been together for two and a half years. i've always been that person who keeps track of anniversaries - even those that are monthly. we started dating on may 16, 2013, so november 16, 2015 marked that exact milestone. 

panthers or packers, rain or shine, high or low, birthday or no birthday, win or lose - i am ever so happy that i have gotten to hold his hand for this long and for so many more years to come.

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