Monday, November 9, 2015

welcome to new york, it's been waiting for you.

legit the amount of times that song was in my head monday and tuesday of this week seriously scared me. but any of you who know me know my obsession with taylor so i guess maybe it's totally normal. 

shockingly enough, at least to half of the world, before this past week - i had never been to new york before. a long time ago when i was still living my single life, i had said if i wasn't in a serious relationship by age 25, i was moving to new york. 

ok, maybe i just only told myself that, but i was so serious. if i could leave greensboro  & make it in charlotte, what's the difference in moving up north? never mind that i hate the cold, or that it's a gajillion dollars a month for a 2x4 apartment. i was 23 at the time and 25 was two years away and i was moving. 

sike. life just sat over in the corner laughing at me over that thought. i met lee, bought a house, and decided charlotte was the place i'd call home. for a very long time - if not forever. 

so my plans of moving the big apple were taken over by more important things and life got crazy and i never made it to the big apple. ...until work called.

i can't lie - and this is extremely embarrassing - when we landed, i saw the statue of liberty, and all the glorious buildings, and i teared up. the person next to me must have thought either i was a.) having a breakdown or b.) scared of flying. it really was c.) i couldn't believe i finally was in NYC.

i'm a really emotional person.

anyway, i landed and had to go straight to work which overlooked the most gorgeous view of the city. however when i got some time to grab some lunch, i got to walk through times square which was one block from my office.

one of the major screens turned in a giant selfie camera. i bolted across the street and i think literally a piece of my hair made it into the photo before it went away. hey, i was there. i was there. 

the rest of the evening was spent making sure all things went well with our event. wasn't it gorgeous?

i told you the view was amazing. again all that i kept in my head was "the lights are so bright, but they never blind me."

i ended the day in my hotel room watching the panthers game. i say that with such little emotion, but that game was nothing SHORT of emotion. i got in my room around halftime, took a quick shower, and had every bit of plans to dry my hair. it didn't happen. i'd rather have slightly frizzy & wavy hair on the plane ride home than miss a second of that game.

it ended in over time with a game winning field goal and our panthers are 7-0. i honestly cannot believe it. i had to keep reminding myself that i was in a hotel; not my house & my screams could actually piss someone off. i'm taking lee to the panthers/packers game this sunday for his birthday present. 

my heart is torn. i love the packers too, but my first football love was carolina. so LET'S GO PANTHERS! (just don't hurt rodgers.)

i left NYC the next day to head back to charlotte, but snagged this beauty by air. don't you worry new york, i'm coming back. keep on waiting for me. 
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