Monday, December 7, 2015

08.29.15 - the wedding party

and there is our gorgeous wedding party. from the left to the right we have allyson, sean, danielle, drew, me, lee, taylor, jj, andy, and magan. 

shortly after our first look, we headed to the streets of the city for some gorgeous greenery and brick background for a couple group shots. for some reason,  i was so adamant about not having all of our wedding party photos to be onsite at the ceremony location, so walking around uptown was perfect. 

you know what's always cheesy about weddings? when the photographer asks to you do the "fake laughing." when you look at each other and flash your smile. then it actually does become funny because you realize what you're doing so you laugh harder. honestly though, those do make for some of the best photos. i'm a candid kinda girl and i wanted as many photos as possible that were "candid." i love moments captured when you don't even realize it.

i have pretty friends, right? and just check out this handsome picture of my groom.

and then it was hot. as much as i stressed about rain, i said i would take heat over a downpour and that's still true. however - it was a scorcher out there. you can only imagine after seeing how many layers of tulle were under my gown. who gets married outside in august? this fool apparently. 

after knocking out all our wedding party pictures, we made our way over to the AH house to snag a few bridal party pictures & all family shots prior to the ceremony.

that was another hot button of mine and one that we were able to do because we did the first look. i wanted to use the cocktail "hour" (which ended up only being like 40 minutes) for photos of just lee and i on the grounds of alexander homestead. 

our wedding was at 6pm - which was already later than i had originally wanted. our venue was pretty strict on that to adhere to their plan. i completely understand now because from a planning & time perspective, we had zero hiccups. ahhh all type A planners like me can breathe.

since it was at 6, i knew i didn't want to take the extra time to do photos after. that wouldn't put us getting introduced & dinner started until like after 8 pm! nope. i wanted plenty of time to dance. so knocking all of these out prior was one of the best wedding decisions we made.

i wouldn't change this for anything.

a big thank you to our wedding party who went above and beyond with all showers, stock the bar party, bachelorette/bachelor parties and all the other tiny details they did to make it special for us. we love you.

oh and i told you there would be nerf guns. walker wedding, party of lame-o's, your table is ready.

it may have been our wedding day, but we knew how to have some fun with it. we're all still 10 years old, right? 


coming soon: the ceremony.
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