Monday, January 11, 2016

i like blogging. at least i think.

happy 2016 from my blurry photo from nye. i kid you not - i took like 12 pictures that night. but most were fuzzy or me giving a weird look. so really there was only like 3. this was 1 of them so you know - #doitfortheblog.

i do like blogging, i promise. i like blogging because i like that i can do it on my own time. hell, i haven't posted in a month and a handful of days, but i sat down tonight and just said ok, i have a free minute. i don't think i could ever be a blogger that blogs because they felt the had to.  i tried that once and quickly realized that wasn't me at all. if you look back, those two posts followed each other. amanda can't be fake to herself for too long, ya know.

so what have we been up to? heck, i don't know. we had Christmas. it was our first married Christmas and it still kinda felt like the ones before it. not that that's at all a bad thing or not to take anything away from first married Christmas sentimental-ness, but every Christmas with lee has been special - we just have wedding rings this time. thank God for those rings.

it was luna's first one and we spoiled her with this fancy huge bone from harris teeter. you know those big bones that are like $15 or something ridiculous and you think why in the crap are these bones so expensive? $15 can get me a nice laundry detergent.... but you know, it was Christmas and she needed something in her stocking. 

she threw it up later that next morning. no more $15 throw up bones for luna. 

we spent christmas eve with my parents in roxboro, as usual, and headed back to charlotte for the walker christmas night ritual. below is my horrible attempt at cropping the two photos together. 

lee doesn't have eyes in the bottom photo & andy's girlfriend, alli, doesn't have a face. i don't have a smile in the top photo and lee's dad doesn't have a forehead, but whatever. you make it work.

for new year's eve, we did this really amazing thing that we never do anymore called going out. yes, we picked a bar and actually went there. no, you can't wear sweatpants, and yes, you probably should wear makeup. but we decided to shake up usual traditions and head over to maverick rock taco on montford. 

before you ask, no i don't have a group shot. but we were 5 couples people deep and it was a blast. and sparkly.

i have a funny story when we were trying to order tickets actually. their debit card spot wasn't working & of course, know me, i escalate everything. i got in touch with the marketing director, who was really nice actually, & she said something would be "waiting on arrival" for me. i walked up & "upon arrival" i had nada. after speaking to the manager they "figured it out" and this girl got a free bottle of champs when i carried around all night of course. 

i won't use any more quotes in this blog post i swear.

and then this cool thing happened.

15-1 baby. 15-1. thanks for all the people who texted me after the panthers loss to atlanta, but it didn't stop us against the bucs. i actually had zero plans to go to the game until allyson called me frantically that sunday morning saying she found tickets. 

so to a tailgate i went. and it was the best way to end the regular season.

i've also been cooking up a storm & instagramming them, but not posting recipes.

oops. i suck. this will (should?) come soon. especially those tacos. oh my god, those tacos. check back soon (hopefully).

maybe this why i'm not good at "normal" blogging. because i do this data dump and then chill in my sweatpants playing grand theft auto in my spare time. yes, i asked for a playstation 4 for christmas and my wonderful husband provided. i've been hooked on GTA5 and "until dawn" since they arrived. i'm a gamer y'all- let it be known. am i real girl?

yeah, i am. i still listen to taylor swift every time i blog because it's tradition and i'm still rocking christmas pjs on january 8th as i'm writing this post. it won't post until january 11th so that may not make sense but whatever. we're going to orlando this weekend (last weekend by the time you read this?) to do universal studios and islands of adventure. lee has never been and that's really weird. i head to cancun on monday (when you're reading this) for work so i'll try and do better with pics than i did on nye. cancun reminds me - i still need to blog about our honeymoon. damnit.

anyway, i'll try to do better when work chills out. i love looking back on these posts actually to see what silly/stupid thing i posted so i'll try. i'll try as hard as we did to get a good "lee, amanda, luna" christmas picture. see below. it wasn't easy.

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