Thursday, April 7, 2016

am i back?

i don't know. 

i mean i updated my blog title font. that has to count for something, right? i made most of the blog design "white" because that's the trendy thing to do now, i think. i even updated my picture to a bridal portrait with some sort of corny description about how i enjoy cooking, wine, my husband, and my dog. 

i just realized that simple sentence just summed me up and i'm sure if that means i'm growing up or if i'm some lame wife who wants to stay in all the time now. it's fine, i'm cool with it.

so, how's married life been, you ask? married life is awesome. i get to come home and immediately wash my face from makeup, throw my hair in a non-cute messy bun, and put on sweatpants. the cool part about it is there's still some great guy, already in sweats himself, waiting to give me a kiss and hang out. we're that couple that binge watches the food network for my liking, and watches game of thrones for his liking. (ps: by "watching game of thrones," i really i mean i just play on my phone because i can't get into game of thrones. any show where someone's name could be thor and it's acceptable is just not my kind of show. sorry GOT fans.)

anyway, now here's a sappy photo of us from the past 3 months (or however long it's been since i've blogged) because marrying this goofball is still the best thing i've ever done. for better, for worse. 

I've developed this love (hate?) for painting. in the past few months, i completely redid our half bathroom downstairs. i don't have the time or patience to take professional looking photos of the final product, so i'll leave you with this. just know painting stripes on a wall is a complete asshole project. 

maybe i'll post the whole story one day.

i also really like cooking. i used to get so pissed at my parents, growing up as a child, when they had me in the kitchen. rolling of eyes and under the breath comments were way too frequent, but now it's became my therapy. 

i started a insta for my food creations. @wineisafoodgroup - shocker? nah. i figured if i spent at least 5 minutes plating my stupid dinners for lee and myself, i may as well document it happened, right? right.

and how's miss luna? she's good. she's huge. she had surgery to get spayed and a procedure called gastropexy, and i lost my shit, but she's good. giant breed dogs often have an issue with "bloat," which can cause death, so the gastropexy procedure helps to avoid that. don't ask me any more questions because the words "death" and "luna" in the same paragraph doesn't sit well with me.

to distract myself, here's her sitting all nicely posing with me only because lee is holding a pepperoni to get her to focus.

i hope i'm back this time. work is more manageable now, but the rest of the walls in our 4 bedroom house are calling my name, so it will be a struggle between blogging and painting. we will see.

crap. i just realized i didn't "upgrade" my signature with the rest of the "blog uplift." eh, one thing at a time. 
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