Monday, April 11, 2016

april goals: 11 days late edition.

i haven't ever posted about goals on the blog. 

well, i'm lying. 12 words into this post and i'm lying. oops? i did post about goals once. haha. looking back at those, i was such a clown. let's quickly recap, shall we?  become a better blogger & "the occasional style post." okay, amanda. let's jump off the typical blog bandwagon and make your blog your own, kay? i did learn to say no to making my blog what i thought others wanted to see, so CHECK that off the list. i'll give my gym routine 50%. i could do more; i could have done less. my house still isn't perfect, so i realized that. go me. and i did crafts for the wedding considering i got married, so i should receive a solid B+ on 2015 goals.

basically what i'm saying is i've never posted realistic goals that i wanted to achieve nor did i hold myself accountable until about a year and 3 months later when i realized that one time i blogged that. 

so for april, here we go:

finish the master bathroom. i'm currently about 32% complete. i just completely made up that percentage because i have no idea what i'm doing. i'll decorate a space and completely change it the next day because i'm bored with it. i'm attempting vertical stripes this time, unlike the horizontal stripes in the half bath, so we'll see how that goes. and good Lord, i'm going to lowes to get a laser level.

get my oil changed. that's the lamest goal if i ever had one. i just hate doing anything car maintenance. i wish we had an app for that.

- change my freakin' last name. yep, legally i'm still amanda gail crute. lee asks me all the time when i'm changing my name. it has nothing at all to do with me not wanting to. i want to. i just don't have the time. like, at all. i have walls to paint remember? kidding. honestly, since i received my promotion at work, i'm either a. too busy to take a day off or b. traveling & have a future work flight booked under Crute. can you even change an flight ticket name? my work email is under Walker & so is my facebook account, so why can't legal matters be that easy? 

- bathe luna. the chick needs a bath. i'll do that tomorrow, so check.

- paint a canvas featuring 08.29.15. i saw this cute idea and love the simplicity. canvas like this are super cheap at places like hobby lobby, and so are stencils. my creative side has exponentially grown since i got into wedding crafting. i actually started an etsy and then closed it down 2 days later because i knew my life was too crazy busy for that ish. plus "Crute's Crafts" didn't really sound as awesome as i thought it did the night i made the account after 3 glasses of wine. true story.

- find spring clothes. this is where i need y'all's help. tell me boutiques or hidden online stores where one shirt isn't $89.99. that bothers me. it's clothes. i'll wear it once, twice maybe, and never again. $89.99 can buy me that oil change & then the laser level. i maybe even could still stop by taco bell on the way home.

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