Friday, April 8, 2016

striped walls are jerks.

i really wasn't expecting to blog about the bathroom this soon, but sometimes life gives you lemons, so you put them in the fridge, grab a glass of wine instead, and write. 

plus snapping these pics with my iphone took 30 seconds. 

i always used to say i'm not a diy person. i was really weird about diy with the wedding actually. some things i didn't mind doing myself and others i was like nope - i'll pay someone. for example, any calligraphy i handled, but when it came time to spray paint something, i refused. who the heck knows why; i'm a complicated person. 

anyway, about a month or so ago, i went to a wine and design party thing. people, they teach you how to paint while you drink wine. it's literally the best idea/concept i've ever heard of and i constantly kick myself every tuesday for not thinking of it first. something snapped in me after that class. give me some wine and i'll paint the whole town red. i mean gray. i love everything in gray.

i went home and decided it was time to redo to half bath downstairs. i chose this room strategically though, because what if halfway through i did something crazy like decided painting was stupid or... God forbid.. run out of wine? this room was small and finish-able. 

i went to a lowes home improvement store, which i never go to for fun, and grabbed some paint. i didn't get samples; i just went for it. i bought a gallon of the lighter gray and a smaller size of the darker gray just to see what happened. it turns out i was off work on that friday, so i poured some wine and went to town on my first "for real" painting attempt ever. 

i poured the paint into the metal pan thing and went to work. it was shortly after that when i realized - oh damn. i forgot to tape the molding. like RULE NUMBER 1 is to tape your molding. so i went back to square one, taped it all (including the ceiling molding as i was also painting the ceiling), and then it was back to rolling. 

painting the walls one color was easy, really. it gave me a good arm workout too, so double win? we have pretty high ceilings in the house. they're close to 10 or 11 feet, so a dining chair was my only chance at getting those high reaches. let me tell you - getting up and down on a high dining chair to get more paint repetitively is a butt workout. 

sounds like i should paint more often if you know what i mean.

funny side story - i painted the entire bathroom the lighter gray and hated it. i mean i was "went to bed mad for not buying a sample, disappointed in my lack of home decor skills" angry. i woke up the next morning and loved the color. clearly, i'm paint bi-polar.

so then i had the stripes to do. my first mistake was not realizing there was this nifty contraption called a laser level. they sell them probably at any hardware store, but i didn't realize this under after i hand measured each line with an old school level to ensure it wasn't crooked.

this means i had to cut my tape measurements in 2 feet increments to keep consistency. this took way longer than it should have, but whatever. 

the white frames i actually got at target on clearance for $2.49 a piece. i seriously saw that sale and bought 15 of them on spot. how do you beat a skinny 8x10 frame for $2.49?! i found those printables online for free actually. originally, the "good day gorgeous" said "good morning gorgeous." it kind of bothered me as i knew we would have these in the downstairs bath, which is what a lot of our guests use when they come over for parties or to hang out.

i'm not a morning person, so the likelihood of a guest using the downstairs half bath during the AM is not high. they can use any of the other 2 guest upstairs full bathrooms, right?? so i took this printable to the computer paint program and somehow made it say "good day." don't ask me, because i don't even know how i worked the magic. the whole frame & printable thing cost me $5.00 total. win.

so for now, the half bath is done. lee likes to say "welcome! let me show you the half bath, the prettiest room in the house." 

little does he know, i'm on a mission. currently, i'm working on our master bath (have been for 2 weeks) and plan to share that soon. it's about 7 or 8 times the size of the mini half bath so the timeline to complete the painting, decorate it, and then actually blog about it is ........................................................

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