Sunday, June 19, 2016

because i had a moment.

for the life of me, i cannot decide if i want to stop blogging or not. there are times when it just seems too scripted or "forced" for me. there are times when it feels like if i don't blog today i won't continue to have "a mediocre" following. there are times when i come home from work and work some more so i don't have time to do anything else. but then, there are times i go back and read things that lee and i did together and i love to reminisce. 

currently lee and drew are watching game seven of whatever team lebron plays for versus whatever team steph curry plays for and i could not be less interested. i hate the nba. there's no defense. and i personally think they are extremely overpaid. 

anyway, rant over. 

today was/is father's day (depending on when you read this) and lee got up to make breakfast. this is not unusual; he usually makes breakfast on the weekend days because cuddling with my cloud of a bed >>>>> cooking egg sandwhiches. 

luna did this cute thing where she made a card for dad. turns out she's really good at penmanship. who would have thought a great dane with no thumbs could be so creative and write so clearly? not me. that's for sure. i'm pretty sure 55% of lee thought this was corny/cheesy and it totally was, but there was 45% of him that loved it, so i'll just take that as a win. i think.

lee gets up with luna every single morning between 5-6 am to take her out. i'll be completely honest & say that i cannot remember the last time i did that (unless he isn't here, of course). so, luna just had the urge to do the following:

i know, that's either really cute or really annoying. i can't decide which. i'll take a poll, maybe.

i bought those "spider flowers" from lowes food earlier this week which is why they're making an appearance in 50% of this posts' photos. i call them spider flowers because i think that's what they're called. not 100% sure. i don't buy flowers for blog photos to make "shit pretty" because that's not my style. i had flowers and they ended up being pretty in my photos. you're welcome.

i'm actually very thankful today. we had dinner with lee's family and his dad is one of the best storytellers. he's one of my favorite people. speaking of favorite people, i got to talk to my dad for over an hour on the phone today as well. i didn't get to visit him because we live 3 hours away and a 6 hour day trip isn't the easiest when you work the next day. regardless, we got to catch up and it was awesome. happy father's day to mine.  

i ended today with a glass of red wine and a sunset.

and a nba basketball game that i cared nothing about but was on my tv because my husband and brother in law are obsessed with lebron. i also ended it with a blog post. high five amanda. you'll look forward to re-reading this someday (hopefully really) soon.

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