Tuesday, June 21, 2016

why i suck and should not post goals.


the title of this is everything. so is the photo. i am not a blogger who can post goals and make them come true. i failed. hence the dead flower. 

you can check out my APRIL goals -  original post here. it's june. 2 months later. let's talk about an epic failure. here's a recap for you guys because i know you want to know how that went. (insert sarcasm)

finish the master bathroom. nope. granted i have made so much progress and our master bath is large with many crevices, so finishing that by april was a joke. the last thing i have left to do is the ceiling trim on one wall. yay.

get my oil changed. holy cow, thanks for the reminder. still haven't done that. the "maintenance" light went off today, so i'm gonna go ahead and say yeah, that will be taken care of in the month of june. sorry honda. 

change my freakin' last name. dang it. no. still amanda crute. lee is starting to think i don't want to take his last name!! he says this jokingly, of course. i've changed it on facebook and work email so that has got to count for something. clearly i thought so back in april too. i've had too many work flights booked under crute before, but my license expires on my birthday this year in september, so by then, i will 100% be amanda crute walker - legally.

bathe luna. CHECKKKK. i did this. and a couple times since then. :)

paint a canvas with 08.29.15. haha. i did a handwritten thing with our dates within a frame and it sits in our kitchen so, maybe this is a win. sort of.

find spring clothes. i did this. many times. no one expected i wouldn't. 

i'm tired of typing. goodnight! (or good morning depending on when i decided to schedule this post.)
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