Friday, July 8, 2016

life currently.


where does time go? how have i been married for almost a year? how is luna this big? did i really just make a salmon fettuccine alfredo? why is stopping to get gas so annoying? why can't i get a day to myself? why is my master bedroom still unfinished even though i've been working on it for close to two weeks? okay fine, four weeks?

why do i never have time to do anything anymore? 

lee and i celebrated the fourth of july at high rock lake like we usually do, and i don't think i took one photo. whoops. i've taught luna how to BARK when i say SPEAK. we went through quite a few treats for that one. my mom had a pretty scary surgery recently and is doing great. praise the Lord for that. we booked a trip to destin, florida for a 5 nights at the end of august. praise the Lord for that as well. 

no, we're still not pregnant. and news flash! we don't want to be. why is it that you get married and the first thing people ask is when are you having a baby? what do you mean "when?" i have a 115 lb 1 year old with four legs. that's my baby. i'm good with that for now. lee and i both are 100% on the same page with waiting to have kids. luna is enough to chase around the house. 

especially after she's had her wine.

kidding people. i don't give my dog wine so don't freak out. unless she licks up from my wine glass that i accidentally left on the side table. 

as i'm coming up on my 28th birthday in september, i feel time is flying. and i feel like i'm in a rush. a rush to paint the house. a rush to buy all the furniture. a rush to beat 5 o'clock traffic. a rush to get home and start dinner. a rush to check the next project off of my to-do list. a rush to check my work phone. a rush to do anything. 

i need to slow down. it need it all to slow down. i need time to slow down. 

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