Wednesday, October 29, 2014

calling all northern ladies who know how football works.

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hey girl hey! i already like you if you clicked on this post. that means you like football. as i talked about before, lee is a big green bay packers fan who has never been to green bay. 


being a panther girl myself and have gone to so many games now, i know that there is no tv or comfy couch or bar stool on earth that compares to being at your home stadium. so for lee's birthday, i purchased him green bay vs. chicago bears tickets - at green bay. 

yes. wisconsin. and this girl doesn't do cold...

"the frozen tundra" as lee says they call it. although we're going next weekend so it won't be something crazy like -25 degrees, but it's still projected to be in the 30s and lower. gah, i'm cold already. where's my blanket?

so here are a few ideas i've came up with to stay warm. 
- of course a jersey. you have to wear a football jersey to a football game.
- dark jeans + boot socks + boots to keep those feetsies warm. 
a cute jacket to stay warm once it gets to temperatures i still have a hard time believing i'll be in.
- a cute toboggan. for those ears of mine.
- maybe a balloon to carry around? whatever, that could be cool.
- maybe some gloves? 
- beer. everyone knows you have to have beer. beer keeps you warm the most.

so northern ladies who like football, am i missing something? fill me in on your stay warm secrets.

someone who thinks anything below 72 degress is freezing.
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Monday, October 27, 2014

the time we went all over north carolina.

well that pretty much sums up my life lately, so if you want the short version, you can stop reading here. 

although, please don't. 

i have mentioned before that we have something to do every weekend from now until december 13th. i haven't mentioned that we're dummies for being that booked. BUT, being a planner at heart, i secretly love it. so let's get started on what the heck we've been up to.

to start, last wednesday we had our engagement pictures and i am slowly dying every day until i see them. our wonderful photographer promised a sneak peek this week and i am pretty much refreshing his instagram until lee and i pop up. i have this thing called wedding brain and i can't shake it!

i got my hair done at blo out in charlotte and had the best experience. however after getting my make up done at sephora, i went home and washed every bit of it off. my lady had black eyes, and lipstick all over her teeth. i'm sorry but if you can't do your own makeup, how am i supposed to trust you with mine!?

i had to learn the ins and outs of makeup asap that day. stay tuned for more pictures of our engagement session!

yes. i am not so sure i'll ever eat a burger with bread again. these are mushroom cap burgers and i swear to you - the consistency is basically that of bread! lee made these amazing teriyaki burgers the other night and since i've got to fit my butt in a wedding gown in 3/4ths of a year, i am trying to shy around bread and carbs. 

this is a win in my book. i'm already craving another. i am the worst dieter.

apologies for that one crappy iphone selfie pic, but this past friday i traveled back to greensboro, nc to see a good college friend of mine, katie. and little did i know - i would get to text adam & jimmy - two of my guy friends from college - and they met up with us. and no greensboro trip is set without seeing my girl, sara. later that night, we all went back to their amazing city apartment to hang out and catch up late night and it was so fun! 

pretty much like a flashback to college! i hadn't been out in greensboro since i left about two and a half years ago. i literally moved and never looked back. but it was so nice to see people i used to hang out with everyday. 

continuing the "tour de amanda's friends," as lee liked to call this past weekend, we headed to raleigh on saturday morning to see one of my bridesmaids! taylor and her husband, dustin, housed us for the night as we got to have afternoon beers at lynnwood grille, dinner at boylan's brewery, and finished the night at raleigh times. 

taylor cooked us all breakfast the next morning and shared with me her perfect recipe for a homemade PSL - y'all. i may never go back to starbucks again! 

we ended the weekend with both heartbreaking losses by the panthers AND green bay - but in two weeks we will be headed up to green bay for the chicago bears game! lee is a die hard fan & i surprised him with tickets for his birthday. 

can i get fiance of the year? 

and we can't forget today - october 27th - when my other girl taylor released 1989. i am so obsessed with her new sound and cannot wait for the tour.

....and i fantasize about meeting her all the time. 

God, how weird am i? 

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Friday, October 24, 2014

fur | knit | dots | stripes.

if there is one thing i love this fall season is mixing and matching and layering. i swear a year ago if someone would've told me pairing polka dots and stripes with a knit sweater and faux fur would go together, i would've deemed me doomed from the start. 

but yesterday morning when i got ready, i threw it all together and boom - we have an outfit. i love playing around with different pieces in my closet and throwing together looks i wouldn't normally pair. 
and you know what? three people in my office and the girl who checked out my groceries yesterday vocally said " i love your outfit."

who doesn't love a compliment from a chick in harris teeter, amiright? you know you did good when! i mean here she is all beeeep - bananas; 59 cent a pound. beeeeep - zucchini; 89 cent a pound. and then the compliment happened. it was cool.

anyway, i love finding simple pieces such a striped turtlenecks and pairing them with fur vests, sweaters, chambray, or even patterned pants - which can totally transform your look. and seriously with fall layering, the possibilities are endless. the other day i paired this turtleneck with a vest, skinnies, and leopard loafers. 

fall is hands down my favorite season for clothes. can it stay 68 degrees forever?

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014


never have i wanted to been born in a year more. 

and even though i was born in 1988, 1989 is way cooler. 

there's no secret that i am obsessed with taylor swift. the girl is a genius if you ask me, so don't even try to disagree with me in the comments. but hey, even so you're entitled to your opinion, but just know it's wrong. and you're mean.

i'm kidding.

i remember the first time i fell in love with a song of hers. and i cried. love story was on my repeat list like no other. i was trying to figure out what this thing called love was for the first time in my life and i just related to the song. and even when that memory turned into a picture to burn and i began to think we are never ever getting back together, my obsession with taylor swift didn't end there. her music was something i could relate to. whether it was about a future boyfriend, an ex boyfriend, a best friend... no matter what she wrote, it was about my life.

me and 8 billion other girls. 

i remember going to her concert for the first time i had ever seen her. the fearless tour. you guys, talk about the best day. i need someone to tell me why i didn't prepare myself. i cried at the show. an even more embarrassing fact about me - i have cried at all three tours i have been to. how silly right? and i swear half the time at the show, i could barely breathe because i was singing every lyric of every song.

at the speak now tour, i had a girl come up to me, saying she was enchanted because i looked "just like taylor". i think i was about 22 - wild, crazy, innocent & yes, with the blonde super curly hair on the left. 

sometimes i almost do wish i'd go back blonde, but ehhh. i'll leave those days in the past. 

the red tour was the last time i have seen her live. if you can't tell, allyson is my t. swift concert girl and every time our song comes on, it's bananas. it's like LONG LIVE THIS MOMENT! 

and now with 1989 being released at the end of the month, i can't wait for this next one to begin again.

i swear one day i'll meet her. and everyone has someone they look up to, someone who has impacted their life, and her lyrics and music has done that for me. i am admittedly obsessed. i've even gotten lee in on her too - after all, he's the best thing that's ever been mine and i can't wait to continue the story of us here on the ol' blog. there's no doubt that i am the lucky one.  every love song from taylor - he's the one i think about. every time the seasons change. every time i go back to december to reminisce about our first christmas together. and everytime i realize just how much everything has changed since last year, i can't wait to marry that guy. we will probably have taylor playing at our wedding. don't judge! it's forever and always, ya'll. you belong with me, babe! 

ok fine, i'll chill with my rant. and we both know all too well that i could try to convince you until i'm blue in the face that she's an amazing songwriter, but honestly, if you're not a fan of her, hey that's cool. you're the one that's missing out! me and half of the world will just shake it off
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Monday, October 20, 2014

i remembered my camera this trip.

for some of you who have been following my blog for a while, you know lee and i went ziplining for our anniversary back in may. but for those who haven't, here are some scenes from our weekend at the gorge zipline.

excuse me for the lack of words here, but it's kinda late. ok fine 10:50 isn't that late, but for this grandma who really likes her sleep now-a-days, 10:50 is crazy past my normal bedtime. 

damn, i miss the days of waking up in college, deciding ehhhh i really don't need to go to class today, hitting the snooze button, and wearing pajamas for the rest of the day. anybody feel me?

oh yeah, pictures. that's what i promised you. at a perfect fall temperature of 65 degrees, we watched the leaves beginning to turn colors as we zipped by them at a crazy speed while screaming our heads off. 

alright, so maybe i was the only one screaming.

congrats if you made it all the way down here. kudos! that was a ton of photos ranging from tree pictures to butt pics to skybridges to selfies. 

the walker family (plus an amanda! ; soon to be walker) had a great time. the best part of the trip was watching lee's parents zoom in on the zipline going 35 miles an hour and hit the zip stop. the looks on their faces were priceless! we finished saturday with a great mexican dinner. you can't end saturday without mexican food, right?

lee got up sunday morning and cooked breakfast for us like he always does. am i blessed with an amazing man or what?! afterward, we had a latte at a local coffee shop nearby. and by we, i mean me, because lee hates coffee.

i know, i'm marrying a weirdo. who hates coffee?? 

anyway. something monumental happened yesterday. can i just get a high five that i finally figured out our engagement picture outfits? the pictures happen this wednesday. this wednesday, y'all. cheers to chugging nyquil so i can get some sleep this week because my mind is running in circles.

just kidding.

i actually don't have a cold. i have wedding brain. wedding brain is a serious issue, y'all. between thinking about all the props we need / my hair appointment / my makeup appointment / i need to get my nails done / the poses i want us to do/ the photobombing cow...... 

wait, what did i just say? a photobombing cow?

guess you'll have to check back later and see.

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

i couldn't live without...


there was a party about a year ago where everyone was asked what's one thing you'd bring to a desert island. i said mascara. 

who says mascara? 

who cares what you look like on a desert island? the coconuts don't care and i highly doubt the palm trees do either. but regardless, that was my answer.

if i were thinking clearly, i would've said i'd bring a plane to get me the heck off the island. but no. mascara it was. my lashes needed to look fab even if the rest of me looked like a dump.

so if you don't know by now, i kinda have this thing for mascara. 

my friend caroline contacted me and asked me to try younique 3D fiber lashes so you know i was on board.

i will say - this blew my mind to be honest with you. i got my makeup done about a month ago and the fake lashes that were actually on my lashes didn't even compare to this product. 

to start, you line your lashes with a thin coat of your own mascara, & let it dry. then you apply a coat of the younique gel & before it dries, sweep a coat of the fibers over your lashes, then follow up with the gel again. 

i have a thing where i use my eye lash curler after it's been heated up with a hair dryer. someone out there please tell me i'm not alone in doing this. it gives the lashes the look you want when you are smiling in pictures! i'll be honest with you - i didn't do that with younique. my lashes were so long they showed up when i was looking at someone face on. 

and i don't have to run the risk of burning my eyelid with the hot eye lash curler, which does happen time to time. 

it's basically the easy button for mascara. you heard me. the easy button. it gives you the illusion of fake eyelashes but without that silly strip that no one can apply themselves successfully.

the fibers completely attach to your own lashes while the gel smooths them out giving you a flawless look. and the cool part? it's only $28 bucks for the set. and i'm hosting a party where you can get younique for a low price! and i would love if you party with me.

check it out and buy it here

there are a ton of other products on the site that you can take advantage of so if you're a beauty product junkie like me and wanting dramatic, full lashes - i'd say it's well worth the money. i'll just skip a dinner out somewhere and boom - there's my $28 bucks.  i know that i'll be applying these babies every friday and saturday for a night out look. 

oh! and if you sneeze while applying - it doesn't get everywhere. and washes off with face wash and water. let's chalk this up for a win, amirite? 

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