Friday, September 26, 2014

where the wild things are.

romper: vestique {similar} | earrings: kendra scott | bracelet: charming charlie | lipstick: sephora {make up forever professional in red} | booties: similar at target
praise all things mighty, i found a romper to fit me. do you know how long i've seen the romper craze go around this summer & i couldn't wear it? maybe my torso is too long or i'm too tall (i'm 5'9" flat footed), but all that's over with this pretty little number from vestiquei love partnering with a boutique that i've been a fan of for years.  

fall has set in our lovely queen city and i'm loving it. actually, i'm loving the clothing. i hate being cold, but fall fashion is hands down my favorite. and i know it's going to be 80 degrees this weekend, so you don't even have to tell me. 

i think that's what i'm loving about this romper. it brings back the whole shorts with sweatshirt feel. even when it gets a bit more chilly out, you can pair this with some navy tights & wear it well into october. and these booties. i'm a sucker for booties this fall, it may be my favorite trend.

i actually wore this out on my birthday & at least five totally random strangers stopped me & complimented the outfit. you know you did something right when...

anyway, it's the weekend and tomorrow morning, allyson, myself and a guy friend from college, nick, are all making the 8 hour drive up to baltimore for the panthers game! go panthers! this is my first ever away game & i know my voice will be gone on monday. last week i sounded like a 90 year old chain smoker. 

anyone been in the car for 8+ hours? have any advice on how to deal? help me out, because i'm definitely one of those girls who gets bored.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

the most lyrically beautiful song i've ever heard.

poison & wine | the civil wars
you only know what i want you to
i know everything you don't want me to
your mouth is poison, your mouth is wine
you think your dreams are the same as mine

oh i don't love you but i always will
oh i don't love you but i always will
oh i don't love you but i always will
i always will

i wish you'd hold me when i turn my back
the less i give the more i get back
oh your hands can heal, your hands can bruise
i don't have a choice but i still choose you
oh i don't love you but i always will
Oh i don't love you but i always will

i always will
i always will
i always will
this song just does something to me. the civil wars are so incredibly talented from lyrics to the harmony of their voices. the lyrics on paper are amazing, but if you listen to the song, it comes alive. my ipod shuffled to this last night & i listened to it three times in a row.

i love how there is no gray in this song. love is not a gray area. it's black or white.

your mouth is poison, your mouth is wine. i don't love you, but i always will.

and my personal favorite line - i don't have a choice, but i still choose you.

this song just digs down deep into me. it's so contradictingly perfect. and i know contradictingly isn't a word, but if you have something better to describe it - have at it.
have you heard this song? if not, give it a spin. trust me on this.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

brought to you in a parking lot.

i have a confession. i didn't always like chambray.
i feel like i follow with fashion like i connect with music. sometimes i'll hear a song and have it on repeat 500 times like i find a trend and jump on board with it face first not caring if it's the 'in' thing or not. but then, there are other times i'll hear a song & deem it as the worst song ever. pretty dramatic, i know. then i'll hear it a few more times, and familiarize myself with it, then it's the first thing i turn on in my car.
that's how my love of chambray developed. i didn't like the look of it & i would see people pairing it with jeans. two demin colors that clash? eeek i hate it.
but then, i realized how many different ways you can style chambray. i wore this outfit this past weekend when we were shopping for an outfit that night. and right outside of old navy in a parking lot, i decided to have lee snap some pics.
i'm officially the worst picture taker location decider ever?
dark wash chambray top: old navy | leggings: target | earrings: kendra scott | bag: tory burch | loafers: target
i'm not big on leggings as pants. a shirt has to cover my torso & most of my caboose for it to be considered public worthy. luckily this top does that. and these leggings are thick enough that they aren't see through. this is important if you're going the leggin-pants route.
and i'm just obsessed with leopard right now. i snagged these loafers from target! i can't wait for the weather to be even cooler so throwing on a infinity scarf is an option. the chambray feels like a t-shirt, leggings feel like sleep bottoms, and these shoes are like bedroom slippers. basically this outfit is glorified pajamas.
...that are acceptable when shopping. i love comfort.
this is also the debut of the beautiful tory burch bag my amazing fiance gave to me for my birthday. i'm obsessed with the camel color as it goes with everything. this will be on repeat for a while.
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Monday, September 22, 2014

birthday weekend.

first off, lee walker is an amazing man. he made my birthday absolutely wonderful & kicked it off on friday morning with breakfast in bed.

neither of us are morning people. we easily could sleep in until 9:30 every day, but this morning, lee was up before our normal working day wake up call to make me bacon. bacon on your birthday has to be a must.
i worked a half-day & went over to the walker's for lunch where lee gave me another gift - a beautiful tory burch bag! i honestly was surprised lee even knew what tory burch was. i have been loving carrying around this!

friday night was the very last concert of the country mega-ticket; randy houser & brad paisley! we walked in to the lawn section like always & this nice guy asked us if we wanted a a free upgrade! ummm yes! we then found our new seats under the covered section, maybe 30 rows from the front!

do you realize how expensive drinks are at these shows? $13 for a 20 oz beer! the nice guy noticed it was my birthday & only charged me $5. i love kind people! we had a blast tailgating & singing along to brad's songs. on the way home, i heart radio was airing their live show & i heard taylor perform 'love story' live. hands down one of my favorite songs of hers & it was on my birthday. if you know me, you know this was everything.
saturday, we headed out to do a little shopping {yes, i finally got lee to go with me shopping} & picked him up a shirt to wear for our engagement session in october at old navy. i headed over to vestique to find an outfit for saturday night - check back for a post on that later! and of course, no birthday weekend is complete without a cottonwood pumpkin ale with cinnamon & a good lunch at selwyn avenue pub - one of my favorite places in south charlotte. fall weather & a patio will equal a happy girl.

saturday evening, lee took me to dinner since we couldn't do that on friday because of the show. sullivan's steakhouse was his place of choice and oh my word. that was probably one of the best meals i've ever had. and i didn't even take any pictures! calamari, shrimp & lobster bisque, & a filet with horseradish garlic mashed potatoes. lee even insisted that i order my favorite dessert - a chocolate martini! we then met a big group of people out at thomas st. tavern for more celebrations.
i don't even know who i am anymore because so few pictures were taken of the group!

you would think my birthday celebrations would be over by now, but sunday we headed to the panthers game!

i love going to these games with allyson. the seats are amazing & my love for the panthers has really grown into something special. we took a heartbreaking loss by the steelers & a steelers fan spit on me. nothing like winning with class, right?
anyway, next saturday we're headed up to baltimore for the panthers/ravens game & I AM STOKED.
how was your weekend?
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Friday, September 19, 2014


happy birthday to me! the big 26 is here. my favorite date {other than christmas}; that i have instilled into everyone's head since they met me: september 19th.

and honestly, i can't believe it.

it feels like yesterday when i was in college practicing beer pong with danielle at 3pm because we had nothing cooler to do.

25 has been good to me. i went to the beach a lot, traveled to nashville, chicago & san diego, threw lee an amazing birthday, stood three feet from eric church, started blogging about fashion, saw fireworks on the beach, & finally; my favorite part... got engaged!

the timehop app reminded me today that i have worn a little black dress for my birthday celebration for the past 4 years. how boring am i right? and don't get me started on what i made everyone do for my 19th birthday; also in black.

oh you want to know? because i have #noshame, although i should be really embarassed, i'll tell you.

i went all prom queen on everyone and asked for us all to wear formal dresses & the guys wear suit & jackets so we could go to flemmings in greensboro, nc for my 19th. who the hell did i think i was? who the hell makes their birthday a prom night remix? lord help me & thank you to my friends still loving me after that one.

ps: yes, that's me with platinum blonde hair & the sparkly waist; the tallest one. can we say weird!

fast forward 4 years {mainly because i don't have the pictures anymore} to when i decided to dance in a group of girls playing with a fake, invisible basketball all night. if anyone reads this that was there that night, there's no way you can forget my fake basketball dance party. why i would pretend throw it in the air & spin in on my finger for a solid hour... i have no idea. but hey, when it's your birthday, you do what you want. oh 23.

24th birthday. oh lord. i actually had to sit here for a good 5 mintues and try to remember what i did for this one. the night ended with me locked outside of my old apartment. i've had cooler birthdays. but thank goodness for that lovely lady to the left of me down here. she's the best. could my smile get any bigger or the contrast get any brighter? oh! and guess what color i wore?

my 25th birthday was amazing. some of my closest girls got to come down to charlotte & it was also the first birthday i spent with lee. & perhaps my most favorite black dress of them all. all three of these girls are also bridesmaids.

i wonder if this weekend can top that.

tonight we're headed to see brad paisley. it's the last show on the country mega ticket & since allyson & i are both off work at noon, we're headed to do a little dress shopping before tailgating. nothing like waiting until the last minute right? saturday, lee is taking me to dinner at 'i don't know where yet' & heading over to thomas street tavern for some afterward drinks with everyone. in charlotte saturday night? come say hi.

if i come back on monday with a birthday weekend recap and i have on black, you have every reason to slap me through your computer screen.

here's to 26!
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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

zucchini pizza. it's better than it sounds.

i'm all about some zucchini. whenever someone doesn't like it, i'm all - have you tried it? the next thing i want to try is zucchini noodles and i'm pretty sure i'll love that & never have to eat bread again.
gah. but i love bread. and pizza.
i have my mom to thank for this idea actually. we had this the day we went home to talk all things finances about the wedding and the recipe stuck. we spruced it up with all kinds of toppings to give you zucchini pizza.

1 large zucchini, sliced long-ways into about an inch thick slices
marinara sauce
toppings of your choice - for this specific one i used pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, cheese and some spinach leaves on mine.
my love for zucchini equals my love for spinach so smush the two together & it's heaven. lee think spinach is worst than the icky stuff at the bottom of the trashcan, so i spared him. you can't even taste it though.

spread the marinara sauce over the zucchini slices, top with your favorite things, cheese, & lots of love. bake on 350 degrees for about 20 minutes.

what are substitutions that you make for carbs and/or higher calorie dishes?
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Monday, September 15, 2014

weddings & houses.

i now know how i will feel if there is a chance of rain on my wedding day. we attended a wedding this past weekend in wilkesboro and woke up to twitter alerts that a flash flood had a high percetage of happening in that area.
i immediately felt anxious for the bride considering the ceremony was outside.
on friday night, we didn't do much of anything which was nice for a change. lee was slightly thirsty and i couldn't stop laughing.

saturday morning before heading up to the wedding spot, lee and i looked at houses! we have taken the steps towards buying a home. why on earth we have decided to buy a home and plan a wedding all at once is beyond me. however, there's not a lot of wedding tasks i need to do right now, so this is kind of the perfect time. i know some of you are homeowners, so do you have any tips for us? i feel like some of you are my life coach.
we fell. in. love. with the first home we looked at. i know, i know - keep your options open. we've looked a several more and my mind just keeps going back to that first option. the only thing we found "negative" is it sits on a high hill so mowing the front yard would be a crazy task. everything else about the house is gorgeous and i'm trying to figure out if it's worth it or not. what's your experience with something like that?
anyway, back to the wedding. the location was stunning and i said a quick prayer for the weather to hold off and it didn't rain a single drop all evening! the dark clouds in the background actually gave the view a more dramatic effect. this is just a shot i got with my iphone - i can't even imagine the beauty of the ones the photographer got.

it was located at williams farm which housed a beautiful barn & country wedding feel. the food was also fantastic!
congrats to ashley & winston!
sunday was spent doing..what else? football. the panthers got another W and i'm super pumped to be going to the steelers game this coming sunday! heck of a birthday weekend i have coming up.
but on top of that, allyson and i are making the trip next saturday up to baltimore for the panthers @ raven's game. this will be the most north i've ever been and i. cannot. wait. i'm hoping the weather isn't too cold considering anything below 75 is freezing to me.
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